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Release Date: 2010
Tracks: 12
  • 1
    Pyramid (feat. Iyaz)
  • 2
  • 3
    In This Song
  • 4
    Nobody's Singin' To Me
  • 5
    Thank You
  • 6
    In Love So Deep
  • 7
    All That I Need To Survive
  • 8
    I Love You
  • 9
  • 10
    The Truth Is
  • 11
    I Did It For You
  • 12
    Note To God
Characters remaining: 2000

Comments (335)

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  • (1 day ago)

    You've touched our hearts! YOU GO!!!

  • JOHN says
    (1 week ago)

    Hello charice.. kumusta? hahhaha.. love you come to malaysia..

  • ionut says
    (1 week ago)

    hello charice,i realy love you're voice and i am in love with you,you are very beautiful and very talented,you're voice is amazing,i will give anything to meet you.i am realy in love with name is ionut and i live in romania,bucharest.i will like you to reply to my message at e-mail adress, love you,kiss you,bye bye

  • NeoGen says
    (2 weeks ago)

    You are such an inspiration Charice! Saw your two new music videos and was inspired!

    Personal favorite at the moment is One Day because of how it encourages you to just go for your dreams despite what everyone says and when you sing "there's no such thing as too late".. it inspires me to dust off the dreams I left behind in my youth and to try again.

    Close second is "Louder" because of its message to "dance through the pain". I can't wait to see more music videos not just for Infinity but also for your first album - Charice. Songs like Reset, Nobody's Singin' to Me, In this Song and Note to God are too good to be left without a music video! All of your songs are great.

    Thank you so much for the Inspiration! (^_^)

    Louder! God Bless!

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