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Tue, 2010-05-11
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linavelasco's picture

I can't wait what is your next debut album. Your so talented. I'm always watching you in youtube.

franky92's picture

What can I say...she is THE SINGER...THE ANGEL... she is so talent and secure in stage.

Her voice is clear, in tone, and strong when it has to be.

Charice, I wish you the best from Costa Rica, I just want to say that I like when you sing romantic.

daddypoole's picture

i love these songs so much she is such a good singer

kervin's picture

hmm..when i visit the kitchen in our school our maintenance always play In Love So Deep,and i asked him why he sad it's really nice to listen this song..and he keeps on playing it many times with his iPod..hehehe..

faroha3's picture

my favourite song from ur new album would be pyramid becauz it has amazing lyrics an this amazing girl siniging it , u :P

faroha3's picture

egypt luvs u charice and also wants u to sing on the pyramid

dashikidee_sanogal's picture

your my idol charice promise........

nielie's picture

i download it on my phone...i really like the nobody's singing to me... really cool!

4everChaster's picture

my girlfriend was really surprised when i grabbed your album instead of the usual eminem's

cence54's picture

Charice is a fabulous singer. This album is very beautiful. I look forward to the next

NoOoRA_1994's picture

I Love The Album So Much

richisfun's picture

I`m Lovin it and this is not miccy D`s, Charice is my favorite. well sometimes ! lol

pergam's picture

Where's 'Are we over' ?

ReyieArchie's picture

this is so amazing!!! im lovong it!!! cnt w8 for your next single...and hey whats ur 2nd single? :)