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Tue, 2010-05-11
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Ruben Rdz's picture

I do not know if you read these comments but I hope you or someone of your team can take the time to read this words, I am from Mexico I am not young but I am not old man however you have captivated to me with your voice, I read your biography in the internet and is really inspiring, I admire you not only your great talent I also admire your tenacity to excel in this area, I have a daughter that like me have been captivated with your talent, she saw you in Glee but she did not know who you were so whe I told her about you she have followed up you in internet. I really would like you to consider comming to Mexico, I am sure that you have a lot of fans that like me want to go to a concert to enjoy your greatest and extraordinary performance.

RINDAH's picture

i love youu.... hope i can take my picture with you at jakarta,, 7 march,, soon... love ya...

Yanna Üü's picture

she's really a talented. iloveyou charice.

Fatumatamusic101's picture

I have this CD at home :) I love Charice so much!She's my Idol :)

Leslie_2's picture

I heard your tribute to Whitney Houston.... absolutely breathtaking. What an inspired, emotional and increadibly powerful voice you have, and to use it to honor a great such as Whitney........ you clearly also have class!

rendra's picture

amazing your performance....

Pat_3's picture

OMG I love your music. I was watching the oprah vids, wow, all I can say....

Perry Cabus's picture

your infinity album its really great

Emilio's picture

long shot...any plans in the near or medium term future to visit South America?

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Greg Edwards's picture

You've touched our hearts! YOU GO!!!

JOHN_2's picture

Hello charice.. kumusta? hahhaha.. love you come to malaysia..

ionut's picture

hello charice,i realy love you're voice and i am in love with you,you are very beautiful and very talented,you're voice is amazing,i will give anything to meet you.i am realy in love with name is ionut and i live in romania,bucharest.i will like you to reply to my message at e-mail adress , love you,kiss you,bye bye

NeoGen's picture

You are such an inspiration Charice! Saw your two new music videos and was inspired!

Personal favorite at the moment is One Day because of how it encourages you to just go for your dreams despite what everyone says and when you sing "there's no such thing as too late".. it inspires me to dust off the dreams I left behind in my youth and to try again.

Close second is "Louder" because of its message to "dance through the pain". I can't wait to see more music videos not just for Infinity but also for your first album - Charice. Songs like Reset, Nobody's Singin' to Me, In this Song and Note to God are too good to be left without a music video! All of your songs are great.

Thank you so much for the Inspiration! (^_^)

Louder! God Bless!

MiMAY's picture

:) hi charice, ur d one of my inspiration :* i dream is tu have a duet with yu even my voice is not gud just Like ur voice :> hehe .. dont forget tu give thanx tu our aLmighty god for aLL d bLessings yu have :) stay wat yu are .. im stiLL irr ' hope wiLL see each other soon :) im so excited for dat day :D pLs repLy tu my emaiL: if yu want .. hehe :) godbLess aLways :> tc

Dennis_3's picture

I just love it when you move your head. Hollas all the way from Norway

Stephanie Grace's picture

Hi Charice, your voice is so awesome. Now my new dream is I can have a duet with you. I know my voice is not good as you, but I love to sing, and I hope, you can hear my voice and comment it. Thanks, Godbless.

mac's picture

Hello Charice, congratulations sa mga success mo sa iyong God-given musical talent...ako nga pala si mac...i live in chicago...i'm just wondering kasi mayroon akong latest english gospel-worship power song composition na bagay sa singing style mo (original, never published---by the way i'm also a music composer in the Philippines and acquaintance to vehnee)...i could send sample demo thru email via mp3 kung gusto mong pakinggan... just in case you'll give it a chance...please reply to my email : the Lord God bless you more...thanks Charice...

rhudang's picture

hi charice :D galing mu talagang kumanta! :D

Princess Mhine's picture

Go Charice You make us all proud.. You make every child believe that DREAM CAN COME TRUE!

LizP's picture

Hey, Charice! I have been a fan since you first appeared on Oprah! Please record a Christmas cd with more than 3 songs! 3 songs are not nearly enough! Would love to see O Holy Night and Mary Did You Know on the cd. May God continue to bless you!

Mars's picture

We love CHARICE!!!

Gunde Hjalmarsson's picture

Gunde Hjalmarsson from sweden says:---JESUS!!!!!-what a wonderfull voice you have babygirl!!!!!!!!!
Best regards.....Gunde.

kdarkbroken's picture

hi everyone im new here..:)))

Dee Guevarra's picture

i can't wait to see you on november 19 2011 in daly city for the TFC thanksgiving event. more success. i love you so much..

LorieinNY's picture

I was up late Tuesday night working on my computer. I hate "quiet", so I turned on the "Soft Rock" station on our Fios. The third or fourth song that was played was "The Christmas Song", by Charice. Until then, I had never heard of her. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER VOICE!! What a true talent she is. And it was especially nice to not hear a young singer "going all over the place". I wish her much success in the future.

On a side note, I was sorry to read about your father. I hope that you and your family are able to grieve and grow.

IamTinday's picture

yes..asan na yung lighthouse..

GraceJM's picture

neng,,,asan n ung Lighthouse.. i really Love that song.. :D

appel's picture

till now amaze parin ako sa song nya na "Note To God"...:-) for her second album...."Lesson for life" .....nakakarelate ako sa song na yan:)).......

noval izal's picture

I love that song pyramid, one day and Louder