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Tue, 2010-05-11
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Febbi Deasther's picture

I've heard your all songs.. Amazing the way you sing.. I wish i can see you singing live ! Love the way you sing until i want to cry everytime hearing your voice.. You are and angel.. Don't forget to sing a gospel song.. Because you can influence many people with your voice.. May God bless you in everysecond life.. Long life happiness and you are my real idol.. Im your chaster.. I love you charice !!

songsaremylife's picture

I love your songs and I wish I could see you live but I live in Iowa and I can't go to las veges (sadly)

CarolinaCHARICE's picture

please come to Israel

ppidz's picture

hi, its me again, just want to say youre voice is so addictive to hear.. nd watch vids of yours when you mixed up a little dancing.. you hav to do some exercise cha, so u wont get tired easily... resistensya kung baga.. pansin ko u love dancing and your latest singles are more on dance beat tunes.. hope youll work on it.. and as always, hoping na the dancing will not affect the quality of your voice... coz i just love your voice so much, if ever mabuntis ako.. i'll let may baby hear your music all day long malay kahit nasa sinapupunan palang inspired na xa to sing just like you.. God bless you always..

ppidz's picture

yes, charice, alagaan mo sarili mo, do not push yourself so much.. your performance will be greatly affected.. remember this if ever you will read this "REPUTATION IS A LIFETIME TO BUILD BUT SECONDS TO DESTROY". sabi nga ni david f. na not just good pero dapat great.. pano mo mabigay ang "great" kung hinihila ka ng kalusugan mo in general.. anyways, hope you enjoy your youthful years coz it only comes once.. take time to relax, contemplate and always be thankful for the blessings every single day.. you touch lives.. and its a blessing not everyone can have... bless you.. cant believe im writing this.. hehehe.. :)

Andrezajc's picture

Charice sorry for me English, but could not help but congratulate you and say that here in Brazil is very dear to you already .... kisses and success
Andreza Damasceno - São Paulo - Brasil

worthyraise's picture

i love your voice a lot. favor, can you do a cover of "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You by HEART"?

I'm an avid fan.

U take care.

Aliyah Dennise's picture

i love u cha, u are my inspiration...please take good care of your health, don't push yourself too much ok...have time to relax, be happy always, i really wish u could win a Grammy Award...

TailsOrange's picture

i love the songs ''Note to God'' and ''Pyramid (Featuring Iyaz)''

My favorites !! :D

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raymund brinquez's picture

hello cha,finally im one of your list now,i really love you cha,im following you all the time in youtube.i pray i saw you live on stage one..your always on my prayer cha,i love you.GOD BLESS YOU

joel valmonte's picture

What's next Charice?Any updates? I really love your song "Reset"....Awesome!!!

ronparel's picture

I love all the songs, never skippin a track when i get started on it. Fingerprint and Breathe You Out are equally awesome music. I was expecting her music would be going the way of jazz r&b fusion like Patti Austin, Anita Baker or Randy Crawford. You see, her voice, her expert singing (her vocal vibrato is Wow!) is too good for just pop music. But so long as she's enjoying the music, I'm enjoying it too!

TailsOrange's picture

i really love the songs you`s smoothing and relaxing.... :)

Keep it Up!!! i`m sure you will be able to reach the top!

Charlotte's picture

i LOVE the song " In this song"! amazing!!

WatJa's picture

Charice Your song make me feel good ^^!!

rona's picture

you're awesome! :)

Luca Huter's picture

Charice you are the best :D

Luca Huter's picture

Charice hey I love your songs, you're really great

keep it up!

chariceluvingirlie's picture

''If I Wrote A Note To God'' is my new favorite song can't stop singing it.LOL! :}

domon's picture

Your next single should be "Nobody's Singin' To me." It really has great potential and with a good music video it can easily be in the top 10 single's chart!

crislangpo's picture

your songs are simply amazing! You make me inspire as a Filipino!

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tropHang khulhet's picture

i want more charice concert, here in manila,, i really, really, really, like it.....

number1Chaster's picture

i cant wait for charice to hav a concert in toronto. she hasnt been here since june 4 2010.

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pRyer's picture

the songs LOUDER & LOST THE BEST THING & ONE DAY are not yet here... it's not update yet right? sad to say that i we can't download your new songs in iTUNES and amazon. i will wait for your album to be out worldwide...

windybell93vn's picture

i think she is better than all singers in Asia....

Catherine Marse's picture

im the first fan of charice and a hug fan of her. i have been listen to her songs when i first heard about and when came out newly and i bough her cd when it came out on the first day even though it was expensive but i had to buy it cuz it was worth it. and i have her shirts too. go charice I LOVE YOU

iamSheloni's picture

im a huge fan of Charice.. i have all her songs and videos on my iphone4.. wish she touring here in Vancouver