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Tue, 2010-05-11
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go-to-Charice's picture

Aah! I can not found your album in iTunes!
X Louise

Oogoo's picture

I love you baby. Good luck

JVA's picture

just downloaded Louder. AWESSSSOOOMMMEEEE!!! can't wait to hear you sing it live. please visit London soon!!!

go-to-Charice's picture

sawnys love is like a pyramid, we stand together to the very end, they never be an other love for sure, iyaz and charice let we go, stones, havy like the love you shown, solid as the ground with known, and i just wanna carry on, we took it from the bottom up! and even in a desert storm, sturdy as a rock we hold, wishing every moment froze, now i just wanna let you know! earthquakes can shake us, cyclones can break us, hurrycans can take away your love, PYRAMID! we built it on a solid rock, it feels just like its heaven touch, together at the top, like a pyramid, and even when the wind is blowing were never fall just keep it going, forever we will stay, like a pyramid...

my english is not so good, sorry about that...

ChariceFan_2's picture

I am waiting, impatiently I might add, for the lovely Charice to perform anywhere within driving distance of Phoenix, AZ. I am a 59 year old Chaster that has followed this wonderful singer for several years. Charice's voice is exquisite, the loveliest I expect to hear in my lifetime. This young singer has worked extremely hard for many years and it is wonderful to see her enjoying this measure of success. IMHO, she is the best singer in the world today and she will only get better. Congratulations Charice, you are the best. Stay happy! Stay healthy! Stay humble!

karina anindita's picture

i love this album!! just bought it last week.. cant stop listening to it!! :)

DannieLove's picture

I Love That Song Pyramid

elyza_zen's picture

i want to download your song from this website....can or cant

ayaable's picture

when are you going to hold a concert in Indonesia ...???
I hope someday I can meet with you Charice .. not just on screen only ..

ayaable's picture

hi Charice...

ChariceFANATICS's picture

gusto ko ang reset sobrang ganda ! filipino rocks ..

judielynidolcharice's picture

your so cool and great great singer dont forget to thank in GOD =]

stevie anugrah's picture

when you make the concert in indonesia?? there are many chaster in indonesia want to see your concert again, and hope you can make your own concert in indonesia

jhayvee's picture

hi ate charice!!!!!!......

Charice #2's picture

Charice my nam e is Ana I am from Colombia and I am a huge fanI am a really good singer and I need you to call me at 19703068131 please I am A good girl

Romela Balagon's picture

Hi Charice,

Although I am way older than you and your mom I guess but your songs are really awesome. I have to sing one of your song at my church. The NOTE TO GOD. I pray for you and your family to be in the safe place all the time.

rOsA14's picture

haii ateh charice...uR Da oNe WhO's RaisinG The PhiLiPPine's....Thx a LoT..

paulosantos's picture

charice é perfeita fan brasileiro escuto as musicas varias vezes como se fosse a primeira vez.

ro524luv's picture

i luv this song

Charl's picture

i do think your awsome. a pitty your music is not available in my home town 'Cape Town'.
wish i could have all of your music lol.

angel_jbiebs's picture

geez.....super big explosion!

inspiredbyvoice's picture

you are amazing. the most amazing in this world.

AznXRose's picture

hello there! New Chaster here! heheh..i LOVE all her songs haha..there is no favorite song because ALL of them are da bomb! lol ^_^

marie's picture

hi...i'm new charicemusic...sana i add nyo naman sa playlist ang kantang a song for mama...

guimmore's picture

nobody singing to me is much better.. but all of the songs are awesome.

Yan SoulMan's picture

"All That I Need To Survive" is awesome... brilliantly done.. : )

oscarin's picture

Espectacular...!!! Me encanta Charice...!!! kisses from Venezuela...!!! Love...!!!

kenkie12's picture

i love one day!!!!

Stephen's picture

THUMBS UP :) .. Make all Filipinos Proud ;)

pauline's picture

I love all of your songs!!!!!!! and i know ALL OF YOUR SONGS!!!!!! keep it out charice!! love you!!!