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Tue, 2010-05-11
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BILLY's picture

hello charice....i 'm a fan of ur's since the beginning of ur career...i think ur a great singers... i keep on watching ur " I ALWAYS LOVE U" video with david foster in mandalay bay....and i never get boring on repeating it again and again!!!...wishing u more succesess and power....GOD BLESS!!!

Ahmed Elsharkawy's picture

Wow Charice .... Very beautiful Music ... I love you toooo Chareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

brutal's picture

hey labz. nice to see you grocery shopping @ Seafood City yesterday. I said “Hi Charice! Can I give you a hug?” Thanks for the hug btw. =) It’ll be nice if we could hang out. ;) “wink wink"

purebrownusa's picture

I can wait for you to record a dance music or R & B music in US again.

Shin's picture

Charice u are such a talented singer, hope to hear more of your songs!
Love your songs and the way you sing ! :)

Sat's picture

charice, whenever i feel to cry with open heart i just listen note to GOD !

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Isaa123Br's picture

My favorite is the pyramid

Jeremy's picture

Right now I am having a very rough time in my life and a very special friend told me I needed to listen to Note to God so I looked it up and listened to it and man is she good. Love the voice and the way the song is sung.

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hello. :)

Mc Klemen G. Dy's picture

hi charice i love all your songs! and i love to sing your songs!

Mc Klemen G. Dy's picture

good afternoon to everyone!!

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i love your songs and must of all your voice

newbixcore's picture

Charice i love the way you sing , its so incredible .

JB's picture

charice, is your valentine concert here in philippines will be pushed through? (feb. 14 at picc) i wanna know so i can buy a ticket..

Radesh Baidya's picture

hi charice
Best of luck for the Japan tour

J.N.'s picture

hey, I'm 15. You're my new favorite, i love your voice and all your songs, especially "Pyramid" and "Note to God". You have the best voice I've ever heard for someone your age :D

brightnet's picture

I love ur charisma charice on this song: 'Note to God'

Cyanidemild's picture

love u too my idol

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Love you! Filipino and 18 as're really an inspiration to me! Represent Pinay :D

kimmiechaster's picture

all that i need to survive --> MY NEW FAVORITE

BlackChaster's picture

Charice I started liking you when I heard pyramid...then I checked you out through youtube. You have an amazing voice, also I love your version of Listen. I play it no stop on itunes. Also you need to make an apreance on glee soon. All the Gleeks want you back. Especially me.

sina's picture

Hi Charice!! I started to be a huge fan of you when I saw your first appearance on the korean show "Star king"!!! Since then I started to post your youtube-videos to every friend on facebook and even emailed them all around the world so that I was afraid that my email adress would be marked as spam! ;)
And I was deeply depressed when I got answers from my friends all over the world who say that they are not that impressed by you because they think you are As a korean girl who was born in Germany and who studied in America and often travels to Argentina to see my boyfriend over there, I have a lot of friends around the world. And I again had to accept the truth that it is hard to conquer sympathy as an asian girl because of some little things they don't like on you which is enough for them to ignore your unique voice! The most often comments are that they think you are selfish and are acting cocky now in contrast to your old videos. A big problem is that they only like asian people when they represent the cute girl! Another common comment was that you look too fat! I know this sounds hard, but you know the big stars like whitney and mariah are also famous due to their perfect looks! So plz do me the favor and loose some weight and show your still shy and lovely girly side of you which I know lies inside your heart!!! And I know you'll have the chance of 99% to conquer this music world and to become the new&only future diva due to your extraordinary voice!!!! Thank you Charice! I believe in you!!!!!! Many many kisses from Germany!!! Serena

Angee:))'s picture

I like Charice because she's doing all the hard work she can. :) Well I hope everyone is so proud of her! Magaling ka!

dindz's picture

....being a fan and watching her growing up since little big star years..until now she already a big big star makes me happy and proud....and definitely the world conspires her as what she is now.....

yupar's picture

I've listened to pyramid song over 10 times.i like....

Jennygleek's picture

Galing mo .. lalo na dun sa song niyo ni Unique nakakamangha yung birit mo dun 6 seconds ...

czar's picture

well pilipino is really good in singing thats why im proud to be a real pinoy..
we love u charice the pilipino are always support u...