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Tue, 2010-05-11
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pyramid is the best song but all your songs are awesome, i think you are the best that is out there!!!

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the BEST talaga

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So Good for Charice

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This girl not only has an amazing voice but is so cute and pretty too.. wish i'll have a chance to know you in person Charice (so that i can pinch your cheeks)! lol

Radesh Baidya's picture

You are the BEST Charice
You are an inspiration for me

Waiting for your next music video

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I am proud to be a FILIPINA like Charice~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The best singer I've ever heard, and there's no doubt!!!

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at last! i have an international album of charice...and i love it!:)

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i love all her songs...kakaloka

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Maligayang Pasko!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas... Will you ever come to Birmingham?

Charice! I've heard your songs and i just can say, you're awesome...
I'm from Chile, and... Oh my god! Your voice!
Your voice it's beautiful, really beautiful.
When i first heard one of your songs, Pyramid in this case, was like "Oh, who is she? I love her voice!"
Good Luck in everything, please... if you can, come to Chile!
You inspired me... not kidding :)

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Mahal ko po lahat nang kanta nyo...pwede ka po ba mag tour sa philadelphia pennsylvania

Ikaw lang ang pinaka magaling na singer sa mundo

Na kaka inspire po ikaw ako mag Broadway d2 sa america

miss ko na ho pinas!!!

Mahal ko po lahat nang kanta nyo sa Glee at sa album nyo

Sobrang natutuwa ako sa yo

Sinasabi ko lahat sa kaibigan ko

Si charice..filipino!! ako rin



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I've listened to each song over 100 times xD

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do the best!!!

GREAT ALBUM!!!! For sure gonna get this!!!!~~ *Keep up the good work Clarice!!!!*

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Awesome voice Charice!

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like the RESET --> much?

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Manganda salamat Charice!! U go Girl!!!

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you rock the filipino pride , GO ! GO ! GO ! we love u charice !

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charice is really amazing!! keep it up!!

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Your s0o0o0o... AMAZING!! LOVE YAH!^^

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charice I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :)

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Charice, PLEASE COME TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!

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kht buong araw ko pkingan tong mga kantang to di ko pagsasawaan. promise! galing tlga kumanta ni charice, tpos sobrang crush ko pa xia ;) hahaha. love it =]

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To Adrian: Charice is not stole the angel voice, but Charice is a real angel w/an angel Voice..

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Kahit na tumula ka lang Charice bibilhin ko ang CD mo.. eh! yong kumanta ka pa kaya. Be a good girl always and love your Mom....

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charice please one of these days sing kelly clarkson song because of you, i would love to hear u singing it, i am colombian,, i live now in new jersey, i would love to see you, hope u read this :) i love how you sing, my favorite singer so far, greetings from ar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love U is toooo amazing girl i love it ...

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all the songs are perfect..again great job charice..also as a fellow Filipino I would like to thank Opray and David Foster for believing in your talent.Charice keep it up and may God always be with you..Proud of you kid!!