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"Pyramid" (feat. Iyaz) Single

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"Pyramid" (feat. Iyaz) Single
Release Date: 2010
Tracks: 1
  • 1
    Pyramid (feat. Iyaz)
Characters remaining: 2000

Comments (4)

  • Kenneth says
    (20110415T153249Z )

    I wish that i could perform with charice on stage

  • elino says
    (20101230T235558Z )

    shes really amazing ! i wish icould watch you perform live , im an avid fan of yours ! call me shy eli

  • Yoonus E T says
    (20101208T235519Z )

    Charice its really nice.......wishing you a better future .
    i like u'r songs and acts,also Philippines

  • AAe says
    (20100927T062020Z )

    This album still can not find it in Thailand ^ ^ charice sing it a lot.!!

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