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Watch The Season Finale of Glee Featuring Charice

Posted by Charice WebCrew
May 25, 2011

The season finale of GLEE featuring Charice is available for viewing on!

charice on glee

What did you think of Charice's performance of "As Long As You're There"? 

Charice's brand new single "Louder" is available now on iTunes. 


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Comments (21)

  • adawei says
    (20110714T090148Z ) .welcome to

  • jos says
    (20110712T070426Z )

    Hi Charice,
    I hope you will come to the netherlands. There is no voice more beautiful than yours that is able to expres our emotions. I love to hear and watch you sing.
    gr. jos from the netherlands

  • wetsuit46 says
    (20110705T000632Z )

    charice you make us proud..we love you!!!

  • (20110704T175924Z )

    so cool ! and cool too

  • anggini says
    (20110703T034558Z )

    wow GREAT !

  • (20110702T123057Z )

    i have watch it and i I LOVE IT so much>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>....

  • (20110625T135323Z )

    I practice my english everyday, i look the difficult word in the dictionary, wish can meet you someday n have some conversations with you char..:D..maybe Indonesia not recently heard about your quality in music, but trust me if you came to Indonesia and explodes the stage with your rocky voices, I believe all Indonesian people will love you more :) ..That`s not too far from your country right ? Filipina and Indonesia not too far hehehe..wish someday you look at my suggest here ^_^ you always here charice

  • Tony says
    (20110615T151440Z )

    Hi Charice, i am already 35yrs old, i work as a Sales Manager in one of the hotel in ortigas..just want to let yu know that i am so proud of you and you have my support. I am so proud of being a Filipino because of you...keep it up...

  • Tony says
    (20110615T151427Z )

    Exellent performance at d season final of glee, i love the song. And i am so impressed with the diction fact, i watched the episode several times...

  • jos says
    (20110613T202251Z )

    you are really the best of the world.I enjoy everything you sing.
    When will you come to the netherlands? we look forward to.
    gr jos

  • Rachelle says
    (20110609T190529Z )

    Hello Charice! I just want to say that I appreciate how you represent yourself. You are a great role model to our youths of today. You don't have to do weird stuff to get noticed. Keep up the good work and don't let other people affect you negatively but rather continue to make them jealous of your beauty & talent. People who says negative things about other people are nothing but bullies and they are doing this to make themselves feel better.You are an easy target because of your kind heart, and they think they can push you around. Be strong, and ignore them. You already know that it is impossible to please everyone, so focus your energy in making those who already adores you happy. Lift everything up to God, walk hand in hand with Him and trust of His great plans for you...

  • arvin says
    (20110605T085126Z )

    hi guys i need ur help,,, is this a free-access site????

  • JL says
    (20110603T043338Z )

    I love the song and can't stop listening to it. Charice, you looked beautiful!

  • (20110601T155515Z )

    she's so amazing..

  • (20110601T155453Z )

    she's really great in the finale.. she sings so great..

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