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"Louder" The New Single Out TODAY!

Posted by Charice WebCrew
May 23, 2011

charice louder artwork

Two brand new songs by Charice are out today! "Louder" and "Lost the Best Thing" are available on iTunes.

Let us know what you think of Charice's new songs by leaving a review on iTunes!

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Comments (5)

  • (20110531T073256Z )

    I hope that in future Charice Team tells fans in advance about Charice's music releases rather than after the fact - or after hearing it from another Chaster. Please keep in mind that (just like the fans of other artists) Chasters try to co-ordinate their music buying efforts for maximum impact on the charts and the lack of advance notice from Charice Team is an impediment to that.

    Charice's talent and incredible potential needs to be supported properly please!!!

  • Earl says
    (20110528T102247Z )

    SOOOOO GREAT~!!! I Just wanna dance in this beat and rhythm... I like you so much Charice. I know you'll do good in this second album. An award winning song. May God bless you. ^0^

  • pauline says
    (20110527T021056Z )

    Heart speak louder than my brain!! wohoo!! CHARICE!!

  • Man says
    (20110524T094752Z )

    I Love Louder song n one more irealy2 love this pic. She is so beatiful in this picture,,,,,,,,

  • JVA says
    (20110523T184117Z )

    This song rocks! I love the beat! can't wait to see the video.. There is one, isn't there? please visit London soon. :-)

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