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Posted by Tina
November 9, 2011

Dear Fans - I want to thank you so much for being so supportive over the last few very difficult weeks. I am looking forward to performing in San Francisco on Saturday, November 19 and Vegas on Saturday, November 25.



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  • Techoncall says
    (1 week ago)

    Hi Charice - I just saw that you lost your Dad in November & I'm sorry to hear about his passing. I viewed some of your You tube videos & I have to tell you, you are a very nice & brave girl! I myself don't know how it feels to have a Dad close to you or beside you. I'm pretty sure your Dad is more than proud of what you have done for him even in the shortest amount of time. What matters most is your feelings towards one another. Take care little girl & stay strong!

  • (3 weeks ago)

    just have a good work my idol and have a happy new year for you im new in your site..:) my wish this year is to see you in a person thanks for all song you sing its sooooooooooooooooo good:):d the best ka talaga idol

  • ThizgirlXD says
    (20111201T041915Z )

    Charice I hope you get a chance to read this if not I understand.

    Dear Charic Pempengco,

    My friend Trinity and I are doing an Asian report for 6th grade and only 2 people can the same person so I decided my friend and I should do you because since you have more research.
    I am making a 3rd paragraph about how you became a mouse and who inspired you to but on all of them it doesn't say so can you tell me when u can get who inspired you?

    Love you biggest fans, Jamie & Trinity

  • Ron says
    (20111115T170334Z )

    Hi Charice! Stay strong & healthy, may the Lord guides you always. We love you so much!

  • Dar24 says
    (20111112T172656Z )

    Hi Charice you will always be in our hearts. Stay strong and move forward to your success. Sometimes crises is inevitable that fills our heart a permanent emptiness. We felt so sorry for the tragedy you went through and we undoubtedly know deep in your heart you love him so much and the rest of your family. God Bless!

  • (20111112T155147Z )

    stay strong Charice. you are always in our hearts. it is painful right now but in time it will get better. take care and God Bless! ♥

  • (20111111T081126Z )

    Charice... You are always in our hearts... Remember that no matter what, God loves you all the way... And you inspire me many much of the time... so pls be strong... I know you can... ALOHA from Jeffrey Abalos ( pls check this out to see who I am... Mahalo

  • rolex55 says
    (20111110T150657Z )

    i look up to you for being so strong, God will always bless and protect you.

  • IamTinday says
    (20111110T114442Z )

    we love you cha!!stay strong and healthy always..

  • IamTinday says
    (20111110T114349Z )

    stay strong always cha!..we love you..

  • chizuko says
    (20111110T053011Z )

    we love you Princess !

  • Yojan says
    (20111110T041053Z )

    Cha, November 25 falls on a Friday. :)

  • ayen says
    (20111109T194508Z )

    Good luck and God bless.

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