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"Louder" The Official Lyric Video

Posted by Charice WebCrew
May 24, 2011

Watch the official lyric video for Charice's brand new single "Louder".  


"Louder" is out on iTunes now. Don't forget to tune into Charice on the GLEE season finale tomorrow! 

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Comments (14)

  • bettybooh says
    (20110712T205355Z )

    congratulations charice!!! for this album... you did a great job, even though a lot of greatest singer here in our country, your the best one for me...keep it up!! stay shining and shimmering...ikaw na nga, ikaw na talaga...luv yah!! --->betty

  • (20110626T190655Z )

    Charice you are a new history of the music

  • jnc2011 says
    (20110619T145157Z )

    hi singer of life i wish i could buy ur cd album here in taiwan...more power!

  • jos says
    (20110618T203313Z )

    hi charice ,
    you're the best.Please sing LOUDER so we can here you here in the netherlands

  • glyze says
    (20110618T022226Z )

    hey Cha! i love this song really cool....keep it up!!!

    from Cebu Philippines...your my forever idol...♥

  • (20110609T072533Z )

    i really love that song :)

  • Japhzinn says
    (20110601T145047Z )

    Can`t wait to see the upcoming LOUDER music video. JUST TOO EXCITED! Maybe the long awaited exposure of CHARICE's GIFT in DANCING? We are not going to break down into tears then, for sure. Watch out people, everybody's gonna FEEL that RHYTHM, FEEL that DRUM and can't help but let our HEARTS SPEAK LOUDER and JUST DANCE!!

  • jessica oh says
    (20110529T194315Z )

    this song is great

  • NimaR87 says
    (20110527T145730Z )

    Now u got what u wanted dear Charice! Besides Pyramid this is the next big Pop song of you OF YOU ALONE!!! :) @NimaR87 Much Love

  • pauline says
    (20110527T020930Z )

    So cute!! I love d lyrics!!! and cool!! LOVE U CHARICE!!♥

  • (20110525T113910Z )


  • (20110525T113827Z )

    In Japan,can not wait Release!!!!!

  • (20110525T105735Z )


  • LAwOdimS says
    (20110524T155026Z )

    so cool.....

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