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"Louder" Music Video Premiere On

Posted by Charice WebCrew
October 18, 2011 has the exclusive premiere of Charice's brand new music video for "Louder"! 

Watch "Louder" Now!  

"Louder" is out on iTunes now. 

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Comments (5)

  • Joel says
    (20111202T135807Z )

    hi charice i'm a new chaster but apparently i did not watch you live coz i'm busy but i hope "one day" i wanna watch live like your song "one day"

  • ThizgirlXD says
    (20111201T042411Z )

    Hi my name is Jamie . My friend Trinity and I are doing a report on charice for our Asian report and we need to know who inspired charice to become famous and what is one of her quotes? Please reply back thank you.

  • g.yau says
    (20111019T174658Z )

    Congrats Charice, it's nice to see you back. Your Louder MV is amazing, hope you do more dancing in your future MVs. I have to say my favorite songs on your new album has to be One day, Lighthouse and Before It Explodes

  • Jotiko says
    (20111019T134445Z )

    Congratulations Charice, I am looking forward to hearing your second album. You're the best singer on the planet!

  • (20111019T031001Z )

    Congrats Charice on your Louder MV and Infinity's ranking in the Japan charts! Good luck and enjoy your DFF performances - blow the roof off and bring the house down in every venue :) I hope you upload the Louder MV on your YT soon 'cause there are already unofficial uploads coming out.

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