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30 Days With Charice Episode 2

Posted by Charice WebCrew
December 4, 2010

Episode 2 of 30 Days With Charice is now available on! Watch and get the behind the scenes look at Charice's QVC performance!



Characters remaining: 2000

Comments (5)

  • cesson273 says
    (2 weeks ago)

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    (2 weeks ago)

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  • Swissv2 says
    (2 weeks ago)

    Charice got a chance in the US to be recognized worldwide, something that most singers in the Philippines could only dream of, and she is not what they consider the "stereotypical" singer. Ms. Sarah Geronimo and others may not like her for this deep down.

    Fact is, Charice is extremely talented, beautiful to me, and also incredibly fortunate - characteristics that lead to jealousy, envy, and bitterness. It is nice, though, that Charice is willing to try to seek the support of the general public in the Philippines.

  • (2 weeks ago)

    I'm so disappointed to Ms.Sarah Geronimo about what she had done to Charice in ASAP tribute to Charice episode....i felt so outrageous...

  • Swissv2 says
    (3 weeks ago)

    Very cool QVC episode!

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