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"Louder" Music Video On YouTube

Posted by Charice WebCrew
October 19, 2011

Charice's new music video for "Louder" is out on YouTube now! Watch it below!



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"Louder" is out on iTunes now. 

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Comments (16)

  • lian says
    (4 weeks ago)

    current rank at www.starmometer is 21! so please support her

  • lian says
    (4 weeks ago)

    please vote for charice at!!!deadline on dec. 18

  • (4 weeks ago)

    so amazing... i'll love u always Charice :)

  • UC says
    (20111205T033500Z )

    Your voice is amazing.. Can't wait for Before It Explodes music video :)

  • Queen says
    (20111204T095843Z )

    I've become your fan since I watched your video "Pyramid". You have an amazing voice. I really hope to see your concert in Vietnam. God bless you!!!

  • sahleer says
    (20111126T225935Z )

    Nice song and music video Charice. Keep it up! I am proud of you and your accomplishments. Stay strong and humble as you are. Sorry to hear about your father. God bless you.

  • (20111123T141308Z )

    Truly amazing and inspiring song, charting top on my 'Most Played' list....!!!!!

  • (20111123T031019Z )

    JAPAN TOUR2012 KOBE待ってます!!!!!

  • Ladyluv22 says
    (20111117T004128Z )

    u have an amazing voice.. the words that comes from your mouth is very powerful... love the songs and i have ur album charice.. listen too it all the time..

  • mahendra says
    (20111113T022731Z )


  • nicole says
    (20111026T085053Z )

    i love this song so much

  • Ahmed says
    (20111026T034816Z )

    I am Ahmed from Egypt
    To the most beautiful singer I heard in my life I love you so much luck so I hope always.

  • foobar says
    (20111024T044820Z )

    Please stick to the ballads, Charice! No one can you beat you there! You are the best!

  • Norain says
    (20111023T090805Z )

    Charice have an amazing voice...
    beautiful vid!!!!! like it...

  • maritess says
    (20111023T073739Z )

    amazing vid!!!! cha...

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