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San Francisco Show Cancelled

Posted by Tina
November 18, 2011

Dear Fans,

Due to unfortunate circumstances, not in my control, the show organizers cancelled the concert this coming weekend in San Francisco. Hence, I won't be performing.

I wanted you to know that I was looking forward and very excited to seeing all of you!  On that note - I will be performing in Las Vegas on Friday, November 25th with the David Foster and Friends concert.

I truly hope to see all of you there!


Much Love,

Charice x

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Comments (21)

  • caliguy11 says
    (20111224T054426Z )


    If you are singing at Mandalay Bay next week (I hope you are), will you please sing "I Have Nothing"?


  • Lordymimi says
    (20111223T202735Z )

    This is sad news, but Im glad its my first time on this site to get inform about this bad news, so I won't be bumbed out tat I dont get to go. COME BACK TO SF CHARICE! The #Giants Loveee youu(:

  • CrisDarma says
    (20111222T150636Z )

    it was too bad for me to not seeing your performing in indonesia las october.... please come again... come againn,,.. :)

  • mubarik says
    (20111206T031406Z )

    Charice, I was expecting your coming to Indonesia. please charice,,, sooner is better, your fans in indonesia want to see your amazing performance here

  • Don says
    (20111124T133141Z )

    Hi Charice, Don from Arkansas, I used to live in Massachusetts and lost the chance to see you at the Big E when you were there a few years ago. I have been a big fan since you were in Korea. No other singer makes me happy to get out of bed in the morning. Don't ever change hon. We all love you so much.

  • dixie3523 says
    (20111124T052038Z )

    Hi Charice - yes, we will be attending your concert this Friday, November 25th, all six of us in the family. This is the first time we are able to go and watch you perform. I'm sure this won't be the last. We will enjoy this very much. Thanks a lot for being you. You have made our daily lives very pleasant.

  • rhudang says
    (20111124T050919Z )

    GOD BLESS cha:D

  • (20111123T041155Z )

    hi cha.. i hope that you can come here in Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte Philippines.. hehe.. cha love you.. ingat ka palagi.... :) God Bless .. :)


  • (20111122T103645Z )


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    You have and will always continue to be an inspiration to us.

    We are asking for your help

    to promote higher education, and lower attrition rates.

    We have ideas about how you can help us, however, anything you can do to help us would make us beyond grateful.


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  • Pyramidz says
    (20111122T052845Z )

    Hi Charice, please come to indonesia again.. !!
    Labyoo charice.. :D

  • yonber says
    (20111122T014541Z )

    Hi Charice, although I wasn't going to travel from Sacramento to SF for this show, I am disappointed for all your fans who were so looking forward to seeing you perform in person, as I hope to do someday. While I'm writing,,,why haven't u been on the late night shows - Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, Fallon? And why haven't you been on Ellen's show again (or did I miss it)? Best wishes to everyone.

  • TAR says
    (20111121T160850Z )

    much take care Charice hope to see you again in Thailand love you so much :D

  • Paul says
    (20111121T054839Z )

    Hi~I am Paul from Taiwan. Charice~~~I really really hope someday I can see your performance in Taiwan,we wait for you for a long time.I know you are busy and there are lots of things you have to do recently.No matter what,we are all support you and we all love you.Don't give up,keep going,at the top Baby!!!

  • marzel says
    (20111121T023548Z )

    hi charice!! i hope next year you can come here in taiwan,we're waiting for here..ilove you charice!!!!

  • (20111119T215020Z )

    Hey Cha! It's good to hear from you again. I'm so sorry that the concert for this weekend got canceled. At least you have more time to prepare for the concert next week. Can't wait to see you there, Princess!

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