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Charice At The Red Dress Awards

Posted by Charice WebCrew
February 11, 2011

Check out footage from Charice's recent performences at the Red Dress Awards!



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Comments (17)

  • Hanie says
    (4 days ago)

    The best singer in the world, CHARICE!!!

  • Mr.Osteo says
    (4 days ago)

    I hope someday she'll sing translated version of Anak (Child) by Freddie Aguilar

  • Rubee Jane says
    (6 days ago)

    i love you charice my i dol

  • (2 weeks ago)

    yes! charice pempengco is an asian by nature but nO matter what the wOrld sees it yOu cant be ignored if yOu are INSANELY TALENTED Like her. One day she will rise from the ashes that is tO STARDOME. gO cha yOur PURE HEART and SOULFULL vOice will be the mediOcry Of yOur critics. igNore them just put ur feet On the grOund as aLways and may just GOD BLESS them! yOu shine nOt OnLy with yOur INSTRUMENT but yOur beauty inside and Out!

  • Swarovski says
    (2 weeks ago)

    Love u forever Charice =) Ur voice is the best ever gift from God!!!

  • bongski says
    (3 weeks ago)

    hi charice...kindly sing- this is my life and the greatest performance of my life by shirley bassey...kayang-kaya ng voice mo ito....take care always...

  • NICH says
    (3 weeks ago)

    you're so beautiful ><
    and have really great voice !

  • izzang says
    (4 weeks ago)

    galing po at ang ganda naman Haba ng hair ng lola mo! Mabuhay ka!

  • (20110212T134714Z )

    Beautiful voice!!

  • (20110212T003911Z )

    She is very cute !!!

  • (20110211T214212Z )

    Great Performences Charice!! (L)

  • annyysh says
    (20110211T080133Z )

    love the hair and voice but pls.stay focus on fashion and little more make up girl(^0^)/love ya

  • Brinda says
    (20110211T070200Z )

    we want to invite charice here in Maldives! anyone knows her email add? we love to see you here charice!

  • netzrn says
    (20110211T064953Z )

    Galing talaga ni Charice...very powerful voice!!! Proud to be Pinoy!!love you Cha...;-p

  • Rod says
    (20110211T054520Z )

    I'm addicted to u cha....GodBless u!

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