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November 1, 2011

Filipino singing star Charice who starred in last season's "Glee" was informed yesterday that her  father was murdered in The Philippines.  The two had been estranged for several years but Charice, who has been touring in South East Asia with David Foster, was hoping to reconcile with him. Charice has cancelled her Singapore concerts  (last two stops on the Asia tour) and has flown to the Philippines to be with her family.

Charice will resume her concerts in the U.S both in San Francisco on November 19th and in Las Vegas on November 25th.

The artist released the following statement:

"I want to thank my fans from around the world for their support and love at this very difficult time for my family and I.  We are all very sad about this terrible tragedy."

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Comments (25)

  • bhert says
    (20111117T033114Z )

    sorry to hear that charice, Im extending my condolence to you and to your family, be strong I know you are, all the hardship that you've been through I know you can make it.

  • (20111114T065848Z )

    You must be strong, your dad proud of you

  • Christine says
    (20111108T111558Z )

    I hope your father will rest in peace together with God.

  • Zee says
    (20111107T174224Z )

    Friends, Family, Fans and God will be with you on this difficult time.
    It`s a time for healing.

    Praying for Charice and Family.

    R.I.P. Richard (Ricky) Pempengco.

  • Ron says
    (20111107T130704Z )

    In behalf of my family, I am extending condolences to you, also to your brother & mom. We're praying for you & your family, as you have said on one of your interview with Boy Abunda, it was happened to your family because your can absorb all of these... I know that God always guide you... God bless you always... We love you so much!!!

  • peakarach says
    (20111107T033532Z )

    Love you Charice!

  • (20111107T000800Z )

    Praying for You and Your Family. God Bless You Always

  • Jose Perez says
    (20111104T124015Z )

    Dear Charice. I pray God's loving strength for you and your family during this most difficult time. Your Mom, Raquel, is such an incredible strength, and this is the time for you to truely lean on her. Stay humble Charice. Your simple grace is wonderful.

  • appel says
    (20111104T062258Z )

    Condolence....may his soul rest in peace....sad talaga ako sa nangyari...BE strong girl!!!....We all believe na u will pass all this hard times with flying colors...god bless

  • JL says
    (20111103T053112Z )

    I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers. XOXO

  • nadi says
    (20111103T044949Z )

    Be strong prayers are with you and your family..
    im sory 4 your loss..Thinking of you charice...

  • jachispice says
    (20111103T031210Z )

    condolence charice & to your family

  • allgringo says
    (20111102T155956Z )

    My deepest condolences to Charice and Pempengco´s family ! Rest in peace Mr. Pempengco !
    Prayers and blessings to Pempengco´s ! Stay strong God´s Angel !!!

  • (20111102T064143Z )

    My prayers for you Charice and your family. Take care.

  • TonyVuko says
    (20111102T053839Z )

    Charice, you are so gifted. With the help of other musicians, you've helped me see what my true goal in life was. To become a singer. Your albums are pure heart. "In This Song" has made me cry thousands of times, with joy. I also heard you are featured in the new Final Fantasy XII-2 game, and I know that'll be just as good to hear your voice somewhere in the game. You are an absolute inspiration to many people out in the world. Your voice, heart, and soul are pure goodness!
    Thanks for creating beautiful songs!
    My condolences to your family, and especially to you.
    You're a strong woman!
    I agree with all these other fans!
    Love, Tony!

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