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Charice On Glee Sneek Peek!

Posted by Charice WebCrew
April 15, 2011

Charice will be reprising her role on Glee in the episide "A Night Of Neglect" airing 4/19! Check out the interview and see what Charice will be signing! 


Check your local listings for when Glee airs. 

Charice's new song, "Before it Explodes" will be released on iTunes the same day. 

Characters remaining: 2000

Comments (13)

  • charisse says
    (20110418T122459Z )

    i'm so excited to see you on glee..i like your performances..God Bless and don't give up!!

  • sHoRiCE08 says
    (20110417T065851Z )

    im so happy to see you performing on glee..

  • Zee says
    (20110416T184240Z )

    GUYS don't forget to download All By Myself in iTunes as well as Before It Explodes. Buy it in Amazon as well BIE. Sunshine is not so humble now haha. "I'm better than everyone else, I'm all alone at the top."

  • charissa says
    (20110416T092635Z )

    I am so happy to see your appearance on Glee again!!! you are amazing!! Godbless you more and your family...

  • charissa says
    (20110416T092517Z )

    I love you Charice!!!!!

  • (20110416T065242Z )

    sunshine is back !!. watching glee and on itunes downloading on Tuesday at 8pm EST.

  • (20110416T025915Z )

    did you releasing a video too on "Before It Explodes" ?? pls Release your video in monday!!

  • Belle13 says
    (20110416T021646Z )

    can't wait anymore! XD

  • ocusfocus says
    (20110415T220345Z )

    I won't miss this episode for the world.Its been awhile ,Now Sunshine Corazon is back,yeehay.all the way to the top CHA...

  • MartínG says
    (20110415T190259Z )

    been waiting for this since the Auditions episode =D

  • JIBIKO says
    (20110415T184200Z )

    Love U Charice!!!!

  • Justin says
    (20110415T180439Z )

    oh yea!=D.. Sunshine's Back!

  • (20110415T180008Z )

    FINALLY!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

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