Acceptance of the jewelry industry of this practice of purchasing online

High quality jewelry has always been purchased at fine jewelry stores that have certified and well respected jewelers. However, there are increasingly more purchases being made today cheap lace wigs over the internet. And this includes our Mikimoto pearl necklace.

It is now possible and even reasonable to make these purchases online for several reasons. Three of these reasons are discussed below:

First is the safety today of using large name online businesses that will guarantee the purchase to be of the quality and value advertised.It is the law that you have the reasonable opportunity to examine and to return items bought online. This is similar to your return of purchases made at retail stores. Unless an item is marked clearly that it is sold "as is" then a store is required to let you return it within a set period of time for a full refund. Online it might cost you the shipping ED Hardy charges when a return is made but that should be all.

The law is only part of the "safety" you have with these online stores. Some of them have ratings systems that can be done by customers on their satisfaction on the jewelry and the service of shipping, etc. This is especially true of the online auction type businesses and the mega stores that sell drop ship items from all over the world. They do not want, nor can they afford, to have their reputation blemished by unhappy customer complaints that they did not respond to in an adequate manner.

Second, acceptance of the jewelry industry of this practice of purchasing online. Today local jewelers are willing to confirm the quality and price of pearl necklaces or other jewelry not purchased from their on stores with an independent appraisal of the item's value. This done for a fee, of course, and it is easy to find jewelers that are including appraisals as a profit area of their businesses. It would be wise to get more than one appraisal. The cost of a couple of these should be very lace wigs justifiable considering the amount of money that can be saved in this type of online necklace and other merchandise shopping.

And finally, the rise of the auction type sites that will sell new or used merchandise has given us a new opportunity to shop quality and price over a vast market area.... the world. The ease of payments, shipping and the virtual guarantee of being able to return the jewelry or any other item has opened a new day in bargain shopping.