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Charice on Glee TONIGHT!

Posted by Charice WebCrew
September 21, 2010

Charice will be making her debut on Glee in the season 2 premiere tonight!

Get a sneek peek of tonight's episode by checking out TV Squad's exclusive video!


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  • mingsfan says
    (20101109T052815Z )

    Rumor is that Cha will be on Glee tomorrow night (11/9) and the following Tuesday (11/16). I guess we'll just have to wait & see!

  • (20101023T101218Z )

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  • rtblue says
    (20100927T200145Z )

    ' a rosebud soon to bloom and the world will be in awe'... bless you... raoul

  • (20100923T105041Z )

    what is the timeslot of glee on jack tv???/and i cant believe charice is awesome!!!and when and what is glee's timeslot?????just i can watch...every episode....

  • Bryanna431 says
    (20100923T071746Z )


  • Bryanna431 says
    (20100923T071732Z )


  • chaddict1 says
    (20100922T175953Z )

    this is it...

  • (20100922T041604Z )

    I made sure I am infront of the tele at 8pm sharp! Not gonna missed it for the world! Charice did well in her acting debut, BRAVO CHARICE!

  • lunan_71 says
    (20100922T013629Z )

    yes!!!im so excited!!!

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