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Charice In The New York Post

Posted by Charice WebCrew
April 20, 2011

Charice is featured in the New York Post today! Learn about how the "One Day" song came about her experience on Glee so far.

"One Day" and Charice's new single "Before It Explodes" is out on iTunes now.

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Comments (8)

  • tess says
    (20110511T130900Z )

    This question is addressed to the management staff of Charice - why is charice and her new singles/records not exposed on national tv such as Letterman, jay leno or some other hit shows? Every one who has a new single gets to be a guess in any of these shows. Why not charice? TV is a big exposure and only Oprah has guested her all these years.

  • Butterfly says
    (20110504T101648Z )

    hi Charice..your beautiful, your kind and humble..keep up the good work sweetheart..
    I am one of your avid fan here in the Philippines..take care always and God Bless ...

  • kristeeeyn says
    (20110428T032816Z )

    Hello everyone!
    Please vote for me for the "Acuvue One Day Contest" on Facebook.

    h t t p : / /

    Thanks, i would really appreciate it :)

  • guimmore says
    (20110424T104415Z )

    one day is soo much better.. but i love before it explodes.

  • Libra64 says
    (20110424T042633Z )

    Hi Charice, I am your big fan here in Canada. I really love to listen to your voice. Keep it up girl and take care always. I already bought and downloaded your three songs from itunes, One Day, Before It Explodes and All that I need to Survive. I also Bought your CD. I wish to see more video music of yours too.

  • jan says
    (20110423T020044Z )

    Xuldier how can i download?

  • Xuldier says
    (20110422T223044Z )

    Downloaded my copy of "One Day" "All By Myself" and Charice's new single "Before It Explodes" on iTunes. All three on my Top 3 playlist playing nonstop. Get yours and share the Charicemusic we all love to all. I do. And encourage them all to get their copy at iTunes.

  • pching999 says
    (20110422T165040Z )

    I Love You CHARICE!!!! I love your songs!!! Keep it up!!!

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