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Charice On The Season Finale of GLEE!

Posted by Charice WebCrew
May 25, 2011

Charice will be reprising her role as Sunshine Corazon on tonight's season finale episode of GLEE! Check your local listings for more info. 

Also, Charice's brand new single "Louder" is out on iTunes now!

Characters remaining: 2000

Comments (5)

  • adawei says
    (20110714T090714Z )

    You were so awesome! I love you so much .welcome to

  • (20110628T003527Z )

    go go away charice we all with you because you have Real talent and you have Strong voice

  • Marie says
    (20110525T235006Z )

    You were so awesome! You have one of the most gifted voice. Please keep your feet on the ground and don't let any negative comments bother you. Just keep on focusing on your goals and dreams. Dream BIG.

  • (20110525T110238Z )

    Congratulations my love!

  • aiyan says
    (20110525T092146Z )

    a gift from god... following your success from lil big star to now GLEE ... you never change a bit interms of your character... we love you dai cha from cebu with love :)

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