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Episode 5 of 30 Days With Charice

Posted by Charice WebCrew
December 16, 2010

Episode 5 of 30 Days With Charice is up now! 

Be sure to visit if you missed any episodes! 

Characters remaining: 2000

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  • julie says
    (2 days ago)

    how nice charice!stay humble....ur so great....i know ur so busy but hav a tym 4 urself 2 rest...
    take care always....ur 1 of a kind!im looking 4ward dat ur sucess wil continue til d end coz ur so awesome!good job gir!God bless!

  • Zee says
    (1 week ago)

    I just love this episode :) we got a look inside her first visit in Japan with her showcase and photo-shoot. And what's cool about yesterday(Wednesday) this episode showed is that Charice went off to Japan as well. Japan is moving fast with her 2011 tour dates being SOLD OUT. Not too long other countries will also compete for Charice.

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