Charice Launches "Note to God" on Oprah


July 14th, 2009 at 6:27 am

CHARICE launches first single “Note to God” on Oprah’s show May 18, 2009

Once again, “The Little Girl” mesmerized the audience with her magic as she presented her first US single “Note to God”, written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster, both legends and icons of the music industry. Charice’s personal perception of the song and its meaning is projected right from the start with her posture and facial expression of solemnity, as in the start of a prayer. David Foster’s musical arrangement laid out the background perfectly with a heartbeat like intro. As Charice begins to sing the first note, my attention is mended to her voice and her angelic face. As I struggle to free myself of this hypnosis like magnetism, I wonder how this very young and little girl is able to reach out and touch my very soul so effectively.

The lyrics of the song itself are a heart wrencher which mirrors our soul’s deepest cries and yearnings to The Almighty. Charice’s powerful voice is the sharpest blade robed in compassion that cuts through the toughest defenses of man’s heart and mind as it delivers the message passionately. Charice’s magnificent control of the clear and distinct volleys of the high and low notes perfectly emphasizes the need and urgency of the purpose at hand. Charice’s every move, every stride across the stage, every flick of her hand and change of direction as she addresses each part of the audience is so accurately timed and choreographed that the the essence of the song seems to flow with so much power like a river heading for the falls.

With deep and uncommon empathy, earned only by those familiar with life’s loneliness and desperation, Charice echoes our heart’s prayer with such conviction, it melts our innermost core. From the very depths of her soul, Charice digs out a prolonged climactic ending note, her magical voice disrupts our breath, bringing out our tears and stands us up to offer an ovation she well deserves. The choir, orchestra, special effects people, camera crew and David Foster played their parts impeccably, making this a spectacular debut for Charice’s first single. The cameras even caught glimpses of Oprah who cheered, wowed and desperately tried to hold back her own tears of joy to witness the success of the little girl’s moment.

This was so moving and picture perfect that it left even the song writer herself breathless and at a loss of words, stuttering to try and describe Charice’s fantastic performance. As the frenzy of emotions slowly calmed I could feel the peace and assurance that things would be alright for this little girl. I realized that this magical power of Charice comes from above and there is no other power greater than that.


Touching hearts

Yeah, she touched mine, too, among the other millions of hearts out there. She could connect to souls of all ages, races and backgrounds; perhaps through the strength of her voice, the purity of her dreams, the nobleness of her family-oriented principle, her own love for good music and the support of her mom and mentors.
And for us who have once dreamed to be professional singers, we saw the realization through her. She literally struggled to gradually go higher and higher. And with a drop of luck, she had the perfect concoction for the beginning of her success.
Like what everyone else has been saying, please don't get taken over by the evil power of fame and glory. If you'd go down because of arrogance and lack of long-term focus, not only your dream would crush but also ours. Please continue improving your abilities and skills, including language, media relations n a bit of classier fashion sense.
Keep on getting in touch with some fans if you got extra time.
Thank every single person by name, ESP those in the production set.
I hope you could come to Japan. No young performer after their Utada Hikaru was as good and as popular, so I'm sure you'd catch the Japanese people's attention, not to mention , us pinoys here.
Best of luck charice and I do look forward to seeing more of your next big steps.