Most at risk

What a gift you have been given, and it is evident that you have worked very hard to perfect it. It shows gratitude, please forgive the unsolicited advice, but we see it so often where a gift is not cherished or even worse the person gets bored or complacent with their gift and in an effort to always be more, make more, be better, more loved, richer, or what ever trap it is, they lose sight of their beginning and the source. The biggest burden you will ever carry is the responsibility of being pleased in the moment without thinking it can always be a little better. You are so young it will make this even harder.Please, please just continue to share what you have and never use it to bargain for fame or money or power because if you do, it will go away just like Whitney or Mariah or so many we will never hear of........ like me! Let what you have be the light of its source and remember you are nothing more than a trusted envelope and that trust can be broken. We are all of the same family and this message is offered in the spirit and love of an older brother who has done everything wrong and is left with one gift and that is to help you to keep from losing yours. May God keep you and may you become aware of it more each day.


Take Care of Yourself


I know you are on a whirlwind tour to promote your new album but please take time to take care of yourself and don't overstress the 10 octave vocals that God has so fit to bless you with. I love your new album (and I am not a teen-ager) and I can see that it is doing well with the demographic it has been created for. You have a following of all ages from all over the world so, really, you are in a good position unlike other artists who have to cater always to top 40. I've seen you sing ballads, jazz, opera and even soul, and I think you can do it all. I would love to see a more operatic (i.e. Adagio) and jazzy album from you and I know that millions will buy it. Really, Charice, we are waiting to see what you will do next. I think you are amazing and really blessed. Your farewell rendition of the Bodyguard medley was something else and I still watch your earlier performances to this day. Please take a breather when you get a chance. You earned it and deserve it.