How to identify genuine mobile phone

By definition be genuine mobile phone production and sales through legal means, and can rely on "mobile phone repair replacement return the liability of goods" enjoy mobile phone "three guarantees" service for mobile phones. With the corresponding authentic mobile phone is often said that parallel phone, they can not enjoy the state's "three guarantees" provided. By following several methods, or in combination, can identify whether they were buying a quality assurance and to enjoy the "three guarantees" of genuine mobile phone.
(A), electronic serial number check
Enter * # 06 # Show IMEI number, and cell phone battery on the stickers and labels carry the IMEI number to check on the 3rd line may be the mainstream.
(2), China Mobile Communication Industry Network
1, the communication industry network, enter the mobile phone brand, model number, serial number and purchase province, year and other information inquiries.
2, dial phone 010-88558800 Ministry of Information Industry (weekends and holidays) for inquiries.
3, send SMS query, the format for the CX model code body IMEI year of purchase, send to 6666 for each charge 2 yuan.

But the need to explain that not all information will be timely and genuine mobile phones add to the database. If your phone is not the first query in the database exists, it certainly is not genuine in your mobile phones? This is not necessarily. New release soon because the handsets now, big production, because of the existence of human and other factors, causing the database update will take some time, and therefore not achieve real-time updates. So if you buy newer models, but found the "not registered in the database", you can call the telephone provided above query, the staff will tell you whether the information this model has been added to database. At this time, you can dial the phone manufacturers to provide after-sale phone for verification.
(C), the National Network Access Authentication Network
1, the certification network, enter the network access license number and the scrambling code and serial number and other information query string.
2, call Tel :010-82058767 ,010-82050313 (holiday break).
3, send SMS query: Input RW permits body IMEI number to the scrambling code 9500.
(Note: The license number - A can be replaced; body serial number enter only the number part)
(D), China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID)
Opening of 95,121,315 new hotline phone number fuselage just in the formal opening on March 15, mobile phone users can dial the phone number for inquiries on the phone body to identify the authenticity of mobile phones and other information. Te Fuhao 95,121, now has been opened in 11 cities nationwide networking service, and become operational capability of large-scale cross-regional call centers. 95121315 phone number hotline body awareness to mobile phone users leave, anti-fake offers a convenient way, users only need to provide their own serial number and mobile phone networks Zheng Hao scrambling code (in the machine body can find relevant information), can know your phone is not parallel.
(5), unfortunately, how to buy non genuine mobile phone to do?
If you find yourself upon a variety of inquiries to buy mobile phone do not genuine, is a parallel or even fake, refurbished machine, how to do that? Then you can go to the business sector or the quality and technology supervision department complaints, issued a document required by the Ministry of Information Industry of the detection unit of the mobile phone testing department. Consumers have the legal effect of that holding, we can find the appropriate dealer to return, for their phones. But if you can also find trouble JS, JS see under normal circumstances you have concrete evidence, may accept the return or exchange conditions.