N kinds of mobile phones screams to teach you know

Currently, most mobile phone with color LCD, such as from the material can be divided into the following types: STN, TFT, TFD, UFB. They have their own characteristics
STN LCD: can only achieve pseudo-color (usually the human eye can distinguish 260 000 colors, so to 26 million colors and over 260 thousand color is called true color, not call this pseudo-color) display, prone to crosstalk phenomenon low cost, low power consumption, is one of many options in the bottom of the color cell phone, a small amount of high-end models also use STN.
TFT LCD: liquid crystal display in many species is the best color is more vivid, detailed, level of dry stronger. Many manufacturers in the high-end models they threw adopted TFT. But its high cost and amount of like "electrical Tiger" features are also a headache for many companies.
TFD LCD: cost than the end, though, and TFT display is also slightly less than, but from a practical display of view, TFD screen color saturation and response time do quite well, some of the high-end models use the TFD .
UFB LCD: a thin, high brightness characteristics, display contrast is 2 times the STN. Standard color is a 65536 color display. Special grating design to provide better image quality. Combination of STN-LCD and TFT-LCD power consumption advantages of less than the TFT-LCD, STN-LCD and the cost is almost.
For the TFT and the UFB, TFT LCD, though good results a higher cost and power alone. UFB is by Samsung Electronics for the TFT out the shortcomings of the new LCD, compared to TFT, in power consumption and cost has indeed been some improvement, but the display is also very reluctantly compromised.
To sum up, in terms of materials, power consumption is, or from the cost of display view, such a performance difference are presented, both TFT "TFD" UFB "STN.
Learned color selection
First, from the material point of view, color screen cell phones are used in liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, LCD materials commonly there are three STN, TFT and UFB.
STN-LCD is the earliest color technology, because technology is relatively backward and relatively low cost for many low-end cell phone. Color STN main drawback is that performance is not clear, limited viewing angle, response speed, there is a serious issue like residues.
TFT up the appearance of the defect, using the characteristics of TFT-LCD is a good brightness, contrast, high levels of feeling strong, colorful. But its shortcomings are more power, higher cost, manufacturers generally unbearable. UFB is an improved version of TFT, TFT compared to the cost has improved, but the display is not ideal, cost is not high. As a result of STN material displayed in the image has no sense of reality, the commonly called "false color" or "false color", while TFT is as true and clear image display with the "true color" name.
Let me now "Levels." "Levels" refers to the phone's color screen can display a maximum number of colors, the current color plane is usually divided into 256 colors, 4096 colors and 65,536 colors. Although the expression of 65536 colors in nature can not complete all of the colors, but is it enough to the real thing for the naked eye, so you can call it "true color." The 256 colors and 4096 colors for color screen real enough, so the industry that uses these two gradation of color as "pseudo-color."
The market in general "pseudo-color" did not indicate what the screen, usually with high brightness and high definition in place, be sure to ask when buying what is the screen material, and to ask what is the color of clear. But we need not to "false color" put the word color with low-end mobile phone and fake products linked to these low-end mobile phone screen is used only, does not mean they are quality issues, wrote this article The purpose is to make you not dig the "true color" of money to buy "false color" of the phone.