Tea cents to close more than volume

Tea cents to close more than volume, color green, fresh oily, fragrance and elegant, diethylene glycol and willing to become famous abroad. reason Mengding tea valuable addition to the unique natural conditions, harvesting and processing is fine, Mongolia Ganlu generally "Qingming" 5 days before and after harvesting, required the early adoption of an exhibition of the tender bud sharp, tea, the need to go through fixing,Color Wedding Dresses first rub, stir 2 blue, 2 rub, stir three blue, three-knead, fry shape, drying refining processes. (Chinese) Gu Zhu Zisun Guzhu Zisun second world tea >> brand spirit Gu Zhu, show that the origin of tea is the mountains, Zhejiang Gu. Purple Bamboo, its color is close to the "Purple" and the shape of "bamboo" got its name, is a long history of Division tribute tea products, many scholars have stonewalls, praised the purple bamboo tea. Tang Wen-test: "The Phoenix Revealed search of the spring half-drunk Wai, Li E water Misu open, smiling gold-tin peony move, transfer Wuxing Zisun to play." >> Brand Story Gu mountains, located in Changxing Northwest, Ocean to the lake on three sides by rolling hills, clouds filled the air, mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, long mountain springs flow. This unique environment for the production of purple bamboo shoots to create ideal conditions for tea. Gu Zhu Zisun fresh tea shoots for micro-purple, like bamboo leaves paper back shell, it said. Changxing three sides by mountains, east lake, cloud steaming fog around. Guzhu Zisun tea is tea in the manufacture of the oldest species, Lu Yu "tea\Lu Yu tea garden was established Gu Zhu,cheap golf shoes|newest type of shoes|top shoe companies|best nursing shoes and "taking care of mind mountains," to remember such incident. Tang Dezong Zhenyuan, the foot of the mountain in the care of various large-scale tribute tea with homes, picking the occasion, Lake prefectural governor went to Gu Feng Zhao various amendments were tea, unprecedented. Engaged in plucking the husband served in the popular production of up to three million people; fixed tea workers have more than a thousand people; tribute tea for the home hospital "tea pestle" housing up to 30; are baking more than one hundred workshops. Since then, successive Gu Zhu Zisun tea regarded as a "tribute" has been extended to eight years of Ming Dynasty Hongwu "reform strike\Unfortunately, after years of tribute tea hospital, after several wars, Gu Zhu Zisun tea had long disappeared. Gu Zhu Zi today's shoot, the successful trial in 1979. Both tea varieties and production methods, not the era of purple shoots of Lu Yu. Zisun the plucking, in the Ching Ming period prior to Guyu, pick one and a bud or two leaves and a bud in early development. Purple Bamboo Leaves very tender, one kilogram of dry tea per system, required about 72 000 fresh shoots. Gu Zhu Zi bamboo shoots of tea were first taken shape Qiaogua, after twisting, kneading,Victorian Wedding Dresses baking, clothing, letters and a series of exquisite fine from the system. Gu Zhu Zisun After Making tea cakes, Lung Group and the loose tea, steamed green to Roasted. finished goods into the purple bamboo, tea-phase hold like bamboo shoots, buds and leaves longer in the shape of orchids, the color green, Yin Hao obvious. Hong pregnant cymbidium the clear, glycol heavy and mellow.