"Three elements" see the color parameters of mobile phone

Many people buy color phone when not on the sales are to understand all the parameters described. I once did a small survey, the mobile phone shop to buy the 100 individuals, for the color screen was rather clear about 7 people, know that TFT is better than the STN 38, is not clear distinction between them, 42 were did not know there are differences with the screen material 13. To make more people understand some of the parameters color screen mobile phone screen, I compiled the following information for your reference:
Screen Material
TFT (Thin Film Transistor TFT
STN (Super Twisted Nematic STN screen
CSTN (STN enhanced version of
TFD (Thin Film Diode Thin Film Diode
STN initially only display 256 colors, then finally to support 4096 colors, and even 65,536-color, it is more power, the price is relatively cheap, but you pay for, STN response slow when playing video, easy to do into the image retention phenomenon, affecting quality, coupled with the brightness of color deficiency are destined always worse than the TFT.
Is a high quality TFT screen, can show to the more accurate and high-resolution images, large power and high cost. But it is the mainstream.
STN TFD better than the brightness and color saturation, surpasses TFT energy.
UFB has a fundamental effect TFD, Samsung used to combat large-scale production of other powerful weapons.
STN CSTN brighter than large, saving almost than the STN.
Integrated expression:
The so-called resolution of the screen mainly refers to the number of mobile phone capability with display light point, generally the screen pixel is a point of light in both directions anyway the number of product composition. For example, we usually say 128 * 160. In the case of the same screen size, the higher the pixels, the phone's display more vivid and natural. Also details the performance ability. So if you want strong performance in mobile phone screen, then we must have high color, but also high-resolution Caixing.
Chromatic number
A cell phone screen can display the maximum number of colors is the color number. Therefore, it can display 256 colors 256 colors 4096 colors that can display 4096 colors, 65,536 colors that can display 65,536 colors, 260K is able to display 260K colors. The higher the higher the chromatic number can bring the color performance, the screen is more delicate. Now that a lot of phone support camera, and this requires that the number of high-color screen to support. Only a very small number 65536 color STN screen, while the other three have high chromatic number, in general, 65536 colors, 26 million colors also mention, the main use of TFT.