True and false data line

True and false questions about the data lines have provided many valuable information. But when the weekend to buy line really feeling really one foot, law is strong, ah! Now leave the data line and real increasingly difficult to distinguish between data line! I now do under the following two lines for true and false data to compare, I hope you can help:
1, are plugged, there current coil Eritrea Eritrea flow are not too strong magnetic coil. And Eritrea are in the plug flow coil DB9 com port side.
2, true cradle of DAT: D / L switch is embossed on to the switch box, leave the sound labels affixed to their work. On this point, before there really was that label affixed to, then I do not know.
3, real data line swap parts, pull the plug the other end of a block of black rubber plug, not fake. True data line pull the plug surface is flat, leave the surface is sharp.
4, real data line line body has a matte finish, unlike the plastic line skin, giving a feeling of luxury.
5, true data cable to connect phone data port rear, front, upper and lower sides of the plug are small text or number marking, not false. I am on this one identified as:
6, true plug DB9 usb cables samsung words printed on one side, the words above the arrow on a letterpress. Not fake.
7, another difference is the materials and workmanship. But this distinction between true and false only while holding only when two distinguish data lines, all of you purchase does not seem to help much.