Charice, I'm sorry but I exaggerated!!!

Charice, I have a confession to make, I exaggerated and did a lot of acting when I commented on your career... I acted surprised when you got that first standing ovation on Ellens show - and then I did the same after every other standing O... I acted like I couldn't believe you were on Oprah 5 times, and that David Foster took you under his wing... I remember that I pretended that I was blown away when you signed your contract with Warner Brothers. Oh, I can go on and on how I deceived you...

But I have to come clean; I can't live this lie any longer!!! You see, the truth is Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, is that the first time I saw you - NO – MAKE THAT THE FIRST THREE SECONDS that you came strutting on to that Star King stage on October 13, 2007 - I knew it - I knew a Star Was Born! I knew that all these things you have accompliced would come true for you - there was never any doubt in my mind. For me, it was just a matter of waiting... (BTW – I’M SURE 99% of YOUR FANS WERE THINKING THE SAME THING – LOL)

I'm still waiting Miss Charice... Your career has just begun! It doesn't matter how well "Pyramid" does - whether it goes Gold, or it flops – whatever - it makes not a bit of a difference... You're only 18 girl - you have AT LEAST another 20 years or more in you, and probably at least that many more albums to make... So whatever happens now - good or bad - just keep pushing forward, and don't ever look back.


Mike's Blog on acting and deceiving...

AWWW, Michael, you deceitful creep. But it's good you finally came clean and honest. I guess it's common for people to take the road of least resistance, meaning, since you probably felt it was the "in" thing to do, so you played along with it. I on the other hand went "all in" before the flop, the moment I saw Charice at Ellen's show and wished I had more to bet with when I saw StarKing and the other videos. Despite the embarrassing ridicule I faced with my friends and relatives in the beginning especially when I began writing about Charice and exposing my own inner feelings to the public. But I never cringed when they'd laugh and tease me, I always stood my full 5'7" and 148 lbs. and 23 years straight and never bat an eye lash to those who made fun of me for being so engulfed by everything Charice. (lucky for me I had the looks and aura they couldn't knock, hehe, which I paid forward for Charice) Even if it was quite a chore for me, I made a conscious effort to get back whatever I knew in writing to really speak out for Charice. And I don't regret a single moment of it. Charice has never let me down and I don't think she ever will. I've sort of accepted that whatever happens, I can always and will always be happy to relate my life with hers. Even if she stumbles or fails. There shall always be hope for recovery. This is what Charice has brought into my life. Hope in myself and the certain returns on hard work and perseverance. Funny how I should learn this from one much younger than I am. I'm glad you finally decided to come clean. Good for you.