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New Charice Shirt Available In The Online Store

Posted by Charice WebCrew
November 19, 2010

A new t-shirt fresh off of Charice's tour is available now in the online store!


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  • (4 weeks ago)

    hi charice! i'm jane.. i'm one of your million fans all over the world.. i'm from the philippines. i just want to ask you a very small favor.. hope you'll respond on my request - i just want to have a pair of rubbershoes of yours. even though its old, i will accept it.. i don't have a rubbershoes or money to buy one, that's why i'm asking you a favor, maybe you can help me.. i really need it on my P.E. class, please.. if you can't, i'll just accept it.. thank you so MUCH! :) hope you will really give me one.. God Bless you always. Filipinos love you.. :))

  • anna says
    (4 weeks ago)

    Very impressive..

  • Allen says
    (4 weeks ago)

    Its the coolest thing you could ever feel, cooler than the coolest wind so get yours also and support Ming, and wear Ming.

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