Family heirloom - a century treasure to witness the perfect wedding love

27-year-old English bride Charlotte Middleton wore an heirloom wedding dress embarked on a red carpet. It is unexpected is that this seemingly ordinary wedding already has 99-year-old, Charlotte’s great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt and mother both have to pass through here, is that she reached the fourth generation of the Sixth Bit bride. Interestingly, this age-old family heirloom although due to some worn-out, Charlotte has said that he is very like it. This is an heirloom wedding dress is very eye-catching, this is a use silk, chiffon, satin and pearl wedding dress made. It is learned that this wedding is manufactured in Hong Kong, China,
No one knows about this wedding in the end the production of how much was spent. However, because it is made from natural fibers, it is clear to withstand the test of time. And it can then save the 100 years.Ed Hardy

In 1910, Charlotte’s great-grandmother Pauline put it for the first time, her husband William Watson and doctors in Portland, Oregon in the United States held a wedding ceremony, Paul Lynn and her husband William Watson married soon after they had emigrated to the United Kingdom life.
In January 1935, when it comes to Pauline’s daughter, Ruth wedding, Paul Lam who will be worn this year found out the wedding dress to wear to their daughters.
In June 1958, this “heirloom”EdHardy wedding dress came in handy again; Ruth’s daughter Jane at the wedding, once again put on this grandmother and mother has worn wedding dress. 5 years later, Jane 24-year-old sister Sally wore the “heirloom” wedding dress at the same time.links london
May 1975 Road West, when the wedding of her cousin Jane will be there, this “heirloom” wedding took over, the wedding day to wear in his own body.
Charlotte in September 1997 wedding, she borrowed from her mother this way the West, “heirloom” wedding as their wedding dress.
Such a wedding a hundred years, it has witnessed four generations of a perfect marriage of girls believe that this family will continue to wear down, and even they still need a book devoted to the wedding of history, as well as all of the former through this wedding the bride, as well as they are wearing this wedding photos.