Confirmation Gift for Charice from Cofirmed Chasters

Charice has a knack for timing. The 23rd is Pentecost Sunday in the Roman Catholic Calendar and recognized by all Christians as the birthday of the Universal Church. To choose that day to celebrate her birthday and, at the same time, proclaim the good news to poor children, is reliving the reality of the early church. To be baptized, confirmed, and to receive the Eucharist on that day is a celebration of the abundance of life that was and is promised to those who hope like her. To the children around her that day, she bears the good news.

Her story of hope should be shared with as many children as confirmed chasters can reach. Mommy Raquel did something right with her that many mothers can learn from. One of them is teach her to sing. Not all mothers can sing like Raquel and very few children will come out a big star like Charice. But they all can end up saying what Charice said what she’d do if she were not singing: be a good student. That’s what confirmed chasters would like to do for the children in their neighborhoods.

Who are the confirmed chasters? They are you and me who have decided that Charicemusic should reach all children. We will develop materials that will be made available at CCubes, the Charice Centers for Children. The CCubes can be a cubicle in a mall, an addition to a corner store, an audio room in a library, or a living room of a confirmed chaster. We will create learning events, evolve them, and share our best practices with other confirmed chasters. These will be local events so we need a handful of confirmed chasters in each neighborhood. Feel free to start yours. If you are near the following, please join us.

Okinawa, Japan, KAB Bldg 856, June 12 (with Kids for Christ)
Baguio, Philippines, St. Vincent Parish June 20
Lipa, Philippines, Summit Point Clubhouse, June 23
San Diego, CA, Good Shepherd Parish, Mira Mesa, July 4
San Antonio, TX, St. Brigid’s Parish, (near Rudder MS) July 11
Tokyo, Japan, New Sanno Hotel, July 31.

Look for us in the front parking lot at noon or at the end of the noon mass, as the case may be. We will have an 8x12 sign on a stick with yellow and white streamers: CONFIRMED CHASTERS CONVENTION. Convention simply means “a gathering.” Expect some 12 of us to be there. If you plan to come, bring someone who is not yet a chaster and one who has a son or daughter ages 3-13. Also, read my other blogs here..