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sana po maka duet kita charice...pag nakikita kita sa asap naiiyak talaga ako and parang nangingilabot ako dahil sa tuwa na napakinggan kita charice..
gusto ko sanang mging follower mo, gigaya nga kita sa tuwing sumasali ako ng mga contest...and tulad mo nararanasan ko din maapi dahil nga hindi ako maganda...please help me charice..i wanna be with you..sana maka duet kita...sana mapagbigyan mo ang munting hiling ko..salamat here is my # 09208058311..... more power


Glam up please


No doubt Charice has such a powerful voice and her talent is undeniable. But in this era of the entertainment industry, ONE HAS TO HAVE THE WHOLE PACKAGE to be able to keep up with the rest of the pack. SHE HAS TO LOOK HOT and STUNNING. It is about time your team hires a STYLIST for her as she definitely has a lot of room to get better with her fashion sense. The picture on her debut album sleeve is right ON THE MONEY! That's the kind of packaging she has to have. She has to be consistent on that. She looks 10/10 in the picture. Very chic and sharp! Unfortunately she has more misses than hits. She looks great only 2 in 10 of her TV appearances. Please don't get me wrong, I love this girl from the very first time I'd seen her on YouTube video and all I want is for her to really make it big in the music industry as she has an amazing talent. I love her voice so much. Unfortunately, nowadays, talent has to be coupled with good looks and that's just the way it is otherwise she will never have longevity in this business. And pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enuff with the flat-iron super straight hair as it only emphasizes her big, round face which is really not that appealing. She really looks soooo good with her hair curled, adding volume to it and thus framing her face in such a way that her way too round cheeks would not be screaming for attention. Her picture on the homepage of this website is tastefully done. So fashion-forward.

I watched her interview on Access Hollywood 2 nights ago and sad to say it was dismally disappointing. She didn't look good at all. I remember when she was on Oprah the same day Taylor Swift was on the show; to be brutally honest her "plain jane look" was really made worse as she stood close to Taylor. I was wondering where was Oprah's formidable makeover dream team. So please, I beg you, Oprah, David Foster, please hire a stylist ASAP!

One more important suggestion please. Can your team also hire a PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH asap, asap, asap! I do understand where the girl is coming from, English being not her native tongue. BUT NO EXCUSES, she needs to work on her public speaking capability. She does not know how to talk, period! Yes, she does not have a very heavy accent but I would rather have the Salma Hayek accent for as long as their is "meat" in what is being said. Her interview on Access Hollywood was very painful to listen to. She clearly was groping for words and was just filling it with uneasy bursts of laughter when she could have really taken advantage of the tv appearance mileage on Access Hollywood. The tv show has a big audience, Charice could have taken advantage of such opportunity. But what did she do? She was barely mumbling. Her answers were empty, no substance at all. It was like listening to a toddler. I hate to say this but that's what the truth is.

Please, please I beg you to add two important people into Charice's arsenal: a STYLIST and a PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH.

Thanks a lot!

I would really love to offer my service free of charge if only that would help :-))

Thank you again. Just my 2 cents, you know.

I love you Charice.

Very sincerely,