Famous actress’s fighting in the weeding

The romantic comedy “Bride Wars” stared by Anne - Hathaway and Kate - Hudson , today a large number of stills are exposed. Two beautiful ladies in stills in the frequent exchange blows, and the bride’s wedding dress are very seductive.
“Bride Wars” tells of two sisters who are like brothers of the children happened to the wedding date was set for the same day, they began each unconvinced comparisons organized by location, invited guests,Ed Hardy

etc., all want to trump the other, with far the most perfect wedding. In order to make their thunder on that day pressure off each other, the two employed every means. Although the results had to be painstakingly may not be as perfect as they thought, they are not really won a victory, but they did receive a perfect wedding.EdHardy
In the film, the Liv and Emma are a pair of childhood best friend, ever since childhood, they were contemplating the future on their wedding every detail - but they are a necessary condition of marriage - the wedding in New York’s most famous “Plaza Hotel” was held. When they both reached the age of 26 years old, the two women marry boyfriends, coincidentally the same time, the two in full swing to start the preparatory work. Could you help me pick wedding, I have selected for your guests, are both enthusiastic when the hotel phone broke the head of a long-term harmonious sisters - I am sorry, your wedding was arranged in the same day,
This pair of good friends has been a good sister,links london in order to achieve the dream weddingo. They plunged into an unprecedented cold war, when the escalation of the conflict is even more tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye. Answered with Emma while Liv dye your hair when you add the seasoning and little result, so that Liv terrible blue-dyed hair. The confrontation between the two until the wedding ceremony, the blows of the two men to the wedding turned into a jaw-dropping farce.