Wedding shawl in the winter can warm up

Wedding dress is a woman’ most beautiful clothes. Many women choose to get married in winter, but beautiful wedding dress to wear in winter when you get married, how to balance temperature and grace have become the winter bride headaches. Is a custom style winter wedding? Or make a combination of wedding and shawls with it? It is showed that 97.2% would choose to let the prospective bride wedding dress and shawl-phase matching is both stylish and pretty generous.
1. Wear clothing of different materials of different materials to create a different style of visual, tactile somewhat different:
Soft silk fabric, while a pearl-like luster, the overall effect will give you amplified with noble;
Cotton mixed material scarf and wear to exceptionally close, comfortable;
Satin shawl made, there are double fabric and texture good, you can dress set off too full of extravagance.
2. Additional design to create dynamic
Now Suzhou, Jinan, shawls are available in the market there are dozens of styles, in addition to the common style, the part of the shawl is also designed to curve type, suitable for the design of the wedding dress with narrow bodied. Hem with feathers, make shawls are elegant feel; with tassels, allowing shawl with rhythm effect.
Retro fashion guide
Famous fashion designers of the international wedding dress are defined as “luxury retro” Victorian style, it is necessary to use lace and French lace. Currently popular is a three-dimensional sense of European handmade lace, three-dimensional lace up the monotony of the plane, so that wedding look great texture. Naturally, the shawl also followed with the use of lace, perfectly suited to the kind of people wants to come Chinese bride Run show style.
Simple elegant Marketlinks london
Native design concepts with big international brands of luxury retro exaggerated compared to seem small and exquisite. Bra style wedding dress is most welcome by the bride, so designers did not add any shawl fabric ornaments, simply use lace or pearl will be sketched out the contours of the shoulder, a simple elegant charm among the reveal, so that the bride bare shoulders are also a warm haven. Such simple but somewhat good idea of the cape have a petite body best suited to the Chinese bride wore gentle, pleasant, it is most exciting.Ed Hardy

Fur is the mainstream choice
Winter temperatures relatively low, the current mainstream is a fur cape, and fake fur. In the soft rabbit hair, surrounded by department is full of shiny satin bow, naturally there are feminine. In the ladies dress, re-popular times, the shawl is that many prospective brides are keen on fashion choices of products. And fur shawl for the bride as a whole will appear noble, generous, great flavor.EdHardy
3. Styles, colors and dress the coordination of
Choose the best style shawl with the dress style should pay attention to the coordination. If the dress style is more complicated, coupled with the elegance of the shawl; if the wedding simple and generous, shawl can be a little ornate. Petite bride for the Department of pink shawl, body-type tall bride and materials for the Department of soft dark shawl.