World famous top wedding dress designer’s Introduction (2)

Cai meiyue, apparel design background, with professional design talent and business acumen from scratch, is from an unknown designer wedding dress come to today’s specialized production. She boldly in Chinese opera costumes introduced into the phoenix coronet wedding dress designs, exquisite embroidery of Chinese will have a Western-style wedding dress with the combination of originality, using a variety of China’s strong, bright colors of the nation.
Cai lives in a place full of contradictions, both fragile and strong fashion frontier era, she focus on the performance of China’s traditional culture, applied to China’s traditional crafts, such as: embroidery,Ed Hardy

links of london but also to learn the essence of Western culture.
Cai‘s bride wedding dress is usually in 4000 or so, there are also cheaper 1000 is below the price range can be considered by public and can be accepted. She said, “so that every bride in China will have a wedding dress of their own!” From the price, we’ve always seen her work objectives.
The new peopleEdHardy are not trying to fashion himself as the bride inside a large, but have a wedding dress of their own, so I think that new people want based on their economic conditions to select the wedding, of course, Tiger Hill in Suzhou is a renowned wedding production base of the wedding dress, brides can also have the opportunity to go shopping there!
Newcomers are able links londonto have one of their own weddings, as marriage and eternal memories. Great beauty, or miraculous, or simple pure, or thick and heavy, or Eau elegant, people like exposure to a grand wedding halls, touch with their own original distant dream wedding! This is the Gui’s magic power, every bride would like her style of wedding.