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Posted by Charice WebCrew
September 16, 2010

Hello Charice Fans old and new!

Welcome to Charice’s new website. We hope you like the new look and features.

If you like, sign up to be a part of Charice’s website and you will have access to Charice’ online community where you can upload videos, photos and more. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the site in the comment section.

See you around!
Charice WebCrew

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Comments (348)

  • antonio says
    (1 day ago)

    oi charice vc é muito linda cuidado com os falsos amigos primeiro lugar a falimia vc vai fazer muito sucesso no mundo deus te abencoa seja muito feliz vc canta e encanta muito.

  • Tyen says
    (3 days ago)

    Hey Charice ;)
    I know that you haven't got any time, but maybe you can visit me and my friend @ germany ;D
    We would be very happy c:

    ♥ Jojo and Yen

  • arthur says
    (4 days ago)

    Hi Charice, would you dare c ome to riyadh ksa?

  • margegwen says
    (1 week ago)

    Hi Charice! When are you gonna come in Phoenix AZ?

  • Brian Tam says
    (2 weeks ago)

    Hi Cha, u r really the most talented girl in the world. I always listen to ur music and I admire u so much. I wish u have good health in order to produce many great songs for us, we all love u, Charice. i hope u could come to Vietnam one day. Best wishes for u and the Asia tour.

  • C.zE.ElviN says
    (2 weeks ago)

    Yo!! Charice you are voice of angel,Sometime I be migrain very very hard and feel nauseous It has often... But.!!! Everytime I hear your singing. migrain that it's lost immediately. thank you born to the world and thank David foster your cool man

  • bbvita says
    (2 weeks ago)

    Hi Charice. We are all sad to hear the passing of Whitney Houston. May she rest in peace. I hope you will be involved in a tribute to Whitney Houston. Your voice is one of the few that can do her justice.

  • (3 weeks ago)

    Hi CHARICE and CHARICE WEBCREWS, advance HAPPY VALENTINES TO all of u!!!!!!! we're hoping to see u here in ANTWERP, BELGIUM, we hoped that u make a concert also here in SPORTSPALIES, ANTWERPEN coz u had a millions and lots of fans here too, we're one of them ur avid fans, hoping to see u here in ANTWERP, BELGIUM very soon, we luv u CHA, take care ur health, ur golden angel voice, ur brother nd ur mom and GODBLESS US ALWYS!!!!!!

    warmest greetings and kisses; loidabobsteven(VAN PEBORGH - IBANEZ FAMILY)

  • (4 weeks ago)

    Hi Charice's Manager I will like to rquest if you can promote Charice Infinity tour to Europe, South America and Mexico I think people around the world can appreciate her and I believe she can be more famous don't you think so?

  • (4 weeks ago)

    I would like to aski if U guys can provide me Charice's OFFICIAL Fan Mail Address OR Fan EMAIL address. :D I've been looking all over. i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , ChariceMania and all that. And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM TOLD ME TO COME TO THIS SIGHT. So please respond and also I suggest that You guys will post her Fan Mail Address here in this site so more fan can even more communicate to their favorite astist: Charice! :D Thanks for your time! :D #muchlove and P L E A S E Respond!!!! :D ^.* >.^ ;D

  • Navzzzzz says
    (20120123T180118Z )

    hi im a really big fan!!!!! i love singing and i write songs and sometimes its because of listening to you!!!!!! sometimes its just from hearing the wind in the trees or rain falling against the roof (i know it sounds weird but its true)!!!!! i love you charice because you inspire me!!!!!! i look up to you because:
    you: inspire me to always try my best no matter what happens
    your music: inspires my melodies
    your songs: inspire my lyrics
    your story: inspires my belief that dreams do come true

    KEEP GOING STRONG!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO CHARICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there are many more things to know about me but too much to write.

  • Leonilyn says
    (20120115T121436Z )

    hello cha!.. hope you'll sing "ONE DAY" and "AS LONG AS YOUR THERE" in ASAP..(n_n) We miss you much cha...

  • Leonilyn says
    (20120110T075222Z )

    Hi CHA! You are such a blessing to us Filipino and we are so proud of you..(n_n) i wish you the best cha and i know you'll gonna reap more fruits of your hard works..there maybe some who's pulling you down but don't worry we are here for you cha to support you and pray for you!.. GOD BLESS!! Stay Humble and being an Inspiration to us all!! WE LOVE YOU CHARICE !!!

  • Leonilyn says
    (20120110T074749Z )

    hello cha... hope to see you again in ASAP (=n_n=)... I really LOVE you singing, and dancing... you know that you're BEAUTIFUL inside out...

  • willis says
    (20120108T075817Z )

    how to make lyric video like charice louder? please help

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