Celtic silver jewelry is typically sterling silver

There is no set meaning for the different designs, but there are certain knots that are known as marriage or love knots, which are a great example of the Celtic philosophy on the
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interconnectedness of life. Another popular use of the knot is the Celtic cross design.

It was originally a pagan symbol that used four arms of even length to represent the four elements of the earth, but as Christianity arose, it took on a more religious meaning. Animals are also popular elements in this style of Tiffany & co
jewelry as is the Celtic heart design.

Rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cuff links-this design is used to create all kinds of pieces so everyone can wear it. And, the piece doesn't have to mean anything to enjoy the beauty of the craftsmanship that went into its creation.

Caring for the Jewelry

Celtic silver jewelry is typically sterling silver and should be Tiffany Rings
cleaned using silver cleaner that is designed to remove the tarnished spots. This cleaner comes in wipes, cloths, creams and liquid cleaners so choose what works best for the type of jewelry.

Gold pieces can be cleaned in regular jewelry cleaner. If the piece is antiqued or enameled, soak it in warm water with a mild soap instead of a harsher cleaner. This is to make sure the finish is not damaged.

Celtic jewelry design is an ancient and storied art that transcends time and Tiffany Earrings cultures. There is a bit of magic to it and the designs can be worn with any wardrobe style-light and airy for casual spring and summer and heavier and more intricate for evening wear. But, don't save it for special occasions, add a bit of art and magic to every day with Irish Celtic jewelry.


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Irish and Celtic jewelry are

Irish and Celtic jewelry are indeed very beautiful. Since most of them are handcrafted or made using patterns and designs that are centuries old the feel and look is reminiscent of times when beautiful jewelry was all about craftsmanship.

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