Ms Charice

Spinning the disc for the 3rd time. Read all your Thank You's.... Only person you missed thanking was Ms. Celiene Dion. I'm sure this was just over looked but girl she hooked you up big time. Listen to David Foster, he will guide and direct you and many, many more wonderful things will continue. He was a great choice to be your God Father. I hope that soon you will have another CD and maybe write some of the songs yourself. I will uphold you and your family in my prayers always. Keep yourself well grounded and let that music continue to come from your heart and soul. You have a wonderful life and carrear ahead. Who know, maybe you will have a concert in my area and if so I will be there. Blessings Charice!


i like her singing

i love to hear her sing

Charice's presence at Allentown Mayfair on May 28, 2010

Is this true that you are coming to Allentown's Mayfair on May 28, 2010 at 8 pm? Can anybody provide more information regarding this? I would really appreciate it. If this is true, we hope to see you there.