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Charice - Nobody's Singin To Me [Review]

Leona Lewis had "Bleeding Love",
Rihanna had "Take A Bow",
Beyonce had "Halo",
Christina Aguilera had "Walk Away",
Mariah Carey had "We Belong Together"...
Charice has "Nobody's Singin To Me"

Step back, relax and prepare yourself for a sure hit from new comer Charice. "Nobody's Singin To Me" is a mixture of R&B and Pop backed-up by a melodic exposition of witty lyrics and sounds. Definitely a stand-alone track! If released as a single, Nobody's Singin To Me is a sure hit from Charice's Debut Album.

Some people might contest that "not again! this track is just another R&B/Pop song out there that talks about love and pain, sadness, loneliness and desperation". Yet, there is something extraordinary about this:

(1) Overall: "Nobody's Singing To Me" is a fusion of talent, passion, and note-worthy rhythm. This song got "class" and "style"!

Pyramid OverLoad

Ok Guys, Can't Get enough of Pyramid??? Here's what I did last night, images from Charice's New Pyramid Video. The following are series of images that almost capture the video in its entirety. However, instead of allowing all of you to just stare at them in a "boring and dull"manner. I have provided some "captions" that might help you along the way to follow the story. Some of the words might not be (or definitely not!) the intention of the video; but we're here to go and read between the lines. This is, in no way, should be considered as a prank towards Charice...but to show that Chasters do have sense, and sense of humor! I'm thankful that being obtuse is not one of my instincts: that is allowing you to suffer just by mere looking at these photos; however, there is no way that I'm suggesting in one way or another that "just simply looking at Charice's pix is boring" ---NO and NO! --- All I'm saying is that there's way to do it in a more exciting and fun way. Enough said...

Critique - Pyramid Official Video

There is something mesmerizing about the video. It is not your typical music video that sells sex, fame, boost, or any of those sorts of stuff. All you have in this video is a Pure, 100% Raw Talent complemented by a simple storyline, a well-balanced lighting, and a very passionate soul singing her heart out on the stage, believing that the love that she has will endure the tests of time, like a Pyramid.

Charice has arrived and it is just a matter of time till she conquers the 4 corners of the world. Iyaz, definitely, brought certain level of flavor of freshness in this song mixed with Charice’s breath of fresh musicality. As a result, you get a music video that speaks truly about talents and not processed “products”.