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All the Way to the Top

I accidentally tuned in to the Ellen DeGeneres show one day in December and heard this voice I thought was Beyonce's or Whitney Huston's, only a notch or two better. But when I saw this very young, little girl take control of the stage at both the South Korean talent show, StarKing and on Ellen's show, (where Charice) without saying it with words, declared so ever loudly and clearly, "this is my stage", goose bumps crawled all over my body and summoned my hairs to attention.

A few months thereafter, I saw this very same little girl at the Oprah Winfrey show which featured "The World's most Talented and Smartest Kids". Again, her performance was awesome. As I learned more about her life story and witnessed the incredible things happening in her life, her performances grew even more startling and powerful, that most of the time, I could no longer control my emotions and hold back the tears of joy and that feeling of hope and accomplishment she inspires so strongly.

Every Parent's Fear of Losing Their Child

I almost fell asleep waiting for Charice to come out on that Wowowee episode where everyone was having a special for the King of Pop Michael Jackson who had just recently passed away. It was a good thing that my two faithful beagles on my bed who happen to be loyal Charice fans too started barking causing quite a commotion when one of the pretty emcees of the show, Mariel, announced and called Charice out to the stage.

Charice's Love Affair - Feb. 14, 2010

Charice’s Love Affair – KAILAN February 14, 2010

The much awaited and anticipated Valentine’s Concert finally came. Competing against a number of Valentine’s concerts presented by other local artists, but with a ticket price tag only a few international entertainers would dare set, Charice and Maestro Ryan Cayabyab pulled off a very successful evening of entertainment for cupid’s day. The venue was definitely meant to give the audience top comfort and the repertoire lined up and diligently prepared for by the whole cast of singers which was masterfully directed by Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, left the audience with all smiles and no complaints about the expensive evening. And should one dare inquire about this aspect, the response would surely be, “it was more than worth it”.

The Greatest Love of All

One of the notable Humanitarian and Charity commitments of Charice. –

Charice's Childlike Faith


Somehow the launching version of the video "Note to God" on Oprah’s show last May 18, 2009 compared to Charice’s performance in Italy at the TLUC show a few weeks later, seems to be more powerful. It is obvious that Charice was under the control of emotions during her performance at Oprah Winfrey’s show. Whatever, the delivery was perfect and flawless. Whether it was her emotions or someone else’s' was answered by Charice herself during the interview with Oprah. She figured it was the fact that she finally had an international song which she could claim as her own and she mimics no one but herself. Another dream come true.

Charice Launches "Note to God" on Oprah


July 14th, 2009 at 6:27 am

CHARICE launches first single “Note to God” on Oprah’s show May 18, 2009

Once again, “The Little Girl” mesmerized the audience with her magic as she presented her first US single “Note to God”, written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster, both legends and icons of the music industry. Charice’s personal perception of the song and its meaning is projected right from the start with her posture and facial expression of solemnity, as in the start of a prayer. David Foster’s musical arrangement laid out the background perfectly with a heartbeat like intro. As Charice begins to sing the first note, my attention is mended to her voice and her angelic face. As I struggle to free myself of this hypnosis like magnetism, I wonder how this very young and little girl is able to reach out and touch my very soul so effectively.

The Journey Begins Catches O’s Eyes

Midway through the neatly stacked documents and paperwork on my “in tray” which had accumulated on my desk due to the extended weekend of “Father’s Day”, a folder with an all too familiar “post-it stick on” stuck on its upper right hand corner caught my eye. Scribbled on the piece of stick on was “Little Girl”. Written on the side tab of the folder were the code “SWMTK” (Search for the World’s Most Talented Kid) and the name Charice Pempengco. As I opened the folder I picked up the phone and asked my secretary to get me Lisa, who was in charge of the “SWMTK” project.

From Ellen to "Note to God"

Just a little over a year ago, Youtube introduced us to a Little Girl from a small, almost unknown and insignificant town in the Philippines. On an invitation to the award winning syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Charice came to the United States with nothing more than her “full self”. Wide eyed and fascinated by the modern buildings which dwarf the tallest in her country, breaking the monotony of the wide and seemingly endless highways of Los Angeles, she marveled at the site of a cosmopolitan city bustling with life. Wearing just a simple, well coordinated dark skirt over black tights and matching body hug blouse, Charice scampered onto the stage eager and delighted to meet the show’s host and the American audience for the first time.

David Foster and Friends – Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas May 2009

As I waited in line at the entrance of the Mandalay Bay’s event center for the snail paced processing and verification of show tickets, the place started to get warm and stuffy. Surprising for a huge place, but a clear indication of the magnitude of the crowd gathering to see David Foster & Friends. As I looked around to size up the group, I noticed there were a lot of white, black, Asian and European representations, but definitely the majority gracing this occasion was, Filipino. From this type of audience profile and demographics, one could very easily conclude who they were here to see.

The Power behind Charice's Performance

I would like to share an article which I think is a very inspiring and encouraging insight, obviously observed by one who has already passed this route and reached far on life's uncertain road, with a good share of its many challenges. The perception of these encounters of Charice sheds much light which allows understanding to calm that peculiar feeling of uneasiness stirred up by mixed emotions many of Charice's audiences experience when she awes them with her spectacular performance. I am one of those who, in the beginning, felt uneasy because I did not understand these very strong emotions brewing in me every time I'd watch and or listen to her.