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Family heirloom - a century treasure to witness the perfect wedding love

27-year-old English bride Charlotte Middleton wore an heirloom wedding dress embarked on a red carpet. It is unexpected is that this seemingly ordinary wedding already has 99-year-old, Charlotte’s great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt and mother both have to pass through here, is that she reached the fourth generation of the Sixth Bit bride. Interestingly, this age-old family heirloom although due to some worn-out, Charlotte has said that he is very like it. This is an heirloom wedding dress is very eye-catching, this is a use silk, chiffon, satin and pearl wedding dress made. It is learned that this wedding is manufactured in Hong Kong, China,
No one knows about this wedding in the end the production of how much was spent. However, because it is made from natural fibers, it is clear to withstand the test of time. And it can then save the 100 years.Ed Hardy

2009 International Wedding Fashion Week conference in China (Qingdao) came to an end

By the Qingdao Municipal Government, Shandong Province Economic and Trade Commission hosted the 2009 host Qingdao Economic and Trade Commission of China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week Wedding new conference, on June 12, 2009 ~ 16 in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the Qingdao city in the spread of the international financial crisis has deepened business orders for less than the economic downward pressures of the grim situation, and strive to help businesses develop new markets, increase orders and decided to hold.

The short style performs the fashion of summer

Summer is coming, the wedding dress styles have to adapt accordingly, in this season. Which models can be this season’s new Pang do? Of course, it is the personalized short-style wedding dress and short-style little dress. A short paragraph that could allow people to high-profile show of a healthy brown skin, you can show off your good body.
Soft series of thin.
This is the essential of the summer Chiffon fabric chosen based material, its soft and invisible texture, soft hand feeling cool flexible, light, elegant appearance, with good air permeability and drape, shows elegant and comfortable.Ed Hardy

With soft, transparent-xi, crystal yarn, mainly breathable fabrics, the spring breeze gently blowing chiffon wedding dress, so that you can show thousands of your style.
Cute series

Details of the beautiful, Barcelona Wedding Show

Barcelona, Spain, recently sponsored a bridal show with models displaying the latest wedding dress designs in 2008.
At the wedding show in Barcelona, the designers will be the traditional elements of wedding and fashion design characteristics of the full together. The more striking French heavyweight Design Master Christian? Lacroix (Christian Lacroix) are also involved in it.Ed Hardy

Cultivation of a deep Christian art always elegant refined style known for its wedding design is no exception, his works in this made many details of the deal, including the sweet little stamp, butterfly knot, lace, etc.; in the use of color, in addition to the traditional white, but also adding the finishing touch in the hair brilliant colors, for example, dressed in colorful pink, purple flowers, the overall design of passion and romance, it seems highly inverted colors of Spain.