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I'm your Thai's fan

I'm your Thai Big fans. I'm really love on everything you're. I can call you that you're my lovely IDOL :)
It's been for 3 - 4 years that I've followed you. I've followed you on Youtube and I knew you better from
the korean show "Star King" ... Everyday I have to search on Youtube about your new video. I always
follow you. You're the best singer that I've ever never seen before.

In a few minutes ago, I've heard that one of my Thai tv show gonna invite you for their show.
I'm not really sure about that if it's really ... I'm really excited that you're gonna come here.

In fact, this satureday I have a plan to fly to Korea but the date that you'll come to Thailand
is the same day. I'll cancle my plan and wait you here in Thailand !!

I LOVE YOU !! The chance that I'm gonna meet you is harder than going to Korea !!

OMG!! I love U Charice :) I'm really wanna meet you in Thailand :)

It's NU "" You're Thai's fan :)