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Confirmation Gift for Charice from Cofirmed Chasters

Charice has a knack for timing. The 23rd is Pentecost Sunday in the Roman Catholic Calendar and recognized by all Christians as the birthday of the Universal Church. To choose that day to celebrate her birthday and, at the same time, proclaim the good news to poor children, is reliving the reality of the early church. To be baptized, confirmed, and to receive the Eucharist on that day is a celebration of the abundance of life that was and is promised to those who hope like her. To the children around her that day, she bears the good news.

Baptism and Soup Kitchen for Street Children


The joy on your face and the faces of the children would be something to behold.

Let this inspire us, Chasters, to do something in our neighborhoods for the children that need similar attention.

Children need to hear about your dreams in songs, see your struggle in videos, and feel your faith in prayer. They need to learn to read and write "notes to God."

May initiatives of Chasters everywhere broaden the reach of your music and story of hope.

Update on CCubes


What, Where, Who, Why? A cubicle in a mall, a Chaster’s living room, an annex to a corner store, an audio room in a library--operated by a local team of Chasters who share the best practices in fostering emerging literacy and bilingualism through music in children ages 3-13. The purpose is to broaden the reach of Charice’ music and narrative of hope.

If you are interested, please consider attending one of these organizational meetings. If you are nowhere near these places, consider initiating one near you.
June 22 or 23 for Chasters in Laguna and Batangas, Philippines. Proposed venue is Summit Point Country Club, Lipa City
July 4 for Chasters is San Diego, CA. Proposed venue: Good Shepherd, Mira Mesa
August 1 for Chasters in Tokyo, Japan. Proposed venue: New Sanno Hotel
August 14 for Chasters in Okinawa, Japan, Proposed venue: Bldg 852, KAB

Happy Birthday, Charice

Since Note to God on Oprah, I have been a big fan. I like your music, your story on Oprah, and your interview with Boy Abunda. Thank you for bringing so much joy to the world through your music and adding hope to many lives through your life story.

I am a teacher and I would like to work with other Chasters as volunteers to extend the reach of your music and story of hope. We will do this by supplementing what you are doing for children in Laguna. From there we will reach out to other children and share with other Chasters what works best for children ages 3 to 13 in using your music to develop reading, math, and music skills, and instill hope. We will do this through what I propose to call Charice Cultural Centers for Children, or CCube. Here's a possible configuraton. Let me know what you and your staff think.