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World famous top wedding dress designer’s Introduction (1)

Wedding dress is every woman’s most beloved of clothing in their lives, which symbolizes love, the eternal witness of love. When the roots of growing old, recalling the days flow marks, a marriage, the wedding will allow all the people remember that year, youth and beauty. Moreover, China’s economic development is very fast lead to the increase of the level of consumption, each has a new ability to have a wedding dress of their own to become the eternal memory of marriage. Today, l will tell the brides about the famous wedding dress designer’s top design style and design.

World famous top wedding dress designer’s Introduction (2)

Cai meiyue, apparel design background, with professional design talent and business acumen from scratch, is from an unknown designer wedding dress come to today’s specialized production. She boldly in Chinese opera costumes introduced into the phoenix coronet wedding dress designs, exquisite embroidery of Chinese will have a Western-style wedding dress with the combination of originality, using a variety of China’s strong, bright colors of the nation.
Cai lives in a place full of contradictions, both fragile and strong fashion frontier era, she focus on the performance of China’s traditional culture, applied to China’s traditional crafts, such as: embroidery,Ed Hardy

links of london but also to learn the essence of Western culture.

Wedding shawl in the winter can warm up

Wedding dress is a woman’ most beautiful clothes. Many women choose to get married in winter, but beautiful wedding dress to wear in winter when you get married, how to balance temperature and grace have become the winter bride headaches. Is a custom style winter wedding? Or make a combination of wedding and shawls with it? It is showed that 97.2% would choose to let the prospective bride wedding dress and shawl-phase matching is both stylish and pretty generous.
1. Wear clothing of different materials of different materials to create a different style of visual, tactile somewhat different:
Soft silk fabric, while a pearl-like luster, the overall effect will give you amplified with noble;
Cotton mixed material scarf and wear to exceptionally close, comfortable;
Satin shawl made, there are double fabric and texture good, you can dress set off too full of extravagance.
2. Additional design to create dynamic

Famous actress’s fighting in the weeding

The romantic comedy “Bride Wars” stared by Anne - Hathaway and Kate - Hudson , today a large number of stills are exposed. Two beautiful ladies in stills in the frequent exchange blows, and the bride’s wedding dress are very seductive.
“Bride Wars” tells of two sisters who are like brothers of the children happened to the wedding date was set for the same day, they began each unconvinced comparisons organized by location, invited guests,Ed Hardy

etc., all want to trump the other, with far the most perfect wedding. In order to make their thunder on that day pressure off each other, the two employed every means. Although the results had to be painstakingly may not be as perfect as they thought, they are not really won a victory, but they did receive a perfect wedding.EdHardy