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Tue, 2010-05-11
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peter's picture

Why is there no news after 2012? Your voice is fantastic - hope you still is singing. Looking forward to hear you again. Where are you today?

PaulN's picture

Charice, I have never heard of you before...
Yesterday I saw the video, you performing All By Myself, with David Foster at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. Tears were running over my face, I was so impressed! I love your voice, it is really astonishing, unbelievable... You can compare with Celine.
I hope to get the opportunity to see you at least once in my life in a live performance!

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beyond's picture

charice!!!! hahhahha you're my idols and my inspiration ... never 4 ever and ever ...

babe2009's picture

ur voice is exploding hanep ang voice mo idol kita,more power sa concert this sept 28 2013..wait na lang ako sa dvd or cd sa usa..

LorranModesto's picture

Pow seria um belo dia se charice vinhe-se ao brasil KKk Dia que nunca chega O_o

LorranModesto's picture

But anyway good luck to her that God help her with her ​​dreams and then more and more in a singer vida.E Wonderful!

LorranModesto's picture

I think this personal Charice busy with this work never saw her answering questions on twiter and not put anything on Facebook.

Shear Lonce's picture

Charice! I've heard your songs and i just can say, you're awesome...
I'm from Chile, and... Oh my god! Your voice!
Your voice it's beautiful, really beautiful.
When i first heard one of your songs, Pyramid in this case, was like "Oh, who is she? I love her voice!"
Good Luck in everything, please... if you can, come to Chile!
You inspired me... not kidding :)

kickassmonster's picture

hi Charice! I hope you will release a new album soon here in the U.S.!!! I love you no matter what... take good care! :)

ManuciansManchester's picture

i love you

Halane Rocha's picture

Charice, amo a sua voz... suas músicas... Quero vê-la brilhar ainda mais... Venha para o Brasil !!!!!!!!!!

DuyenTran's picture

The package at KaZantip was luxurious, the rooms were affordable and the connection to internet, TV, servicing and food were amazing. The infrastructure is so good and they have planned so well.

Oktareavy's picture

I Love you Charice, i love your personality, i love your voice, cause your voice is amazing to me.

StefanA's picture

Hello Charice ... promise me one thing ... never stop singing ever ... your voice is touching.
I watch your videos on youtube several times a day, every time I get goosebumps .. there are not many artists that can touch me so easily when you see the same video all the time.

namnov1981's picture

hai charice,,,what the great voice of asia,,,i'm from indonesia,,,good luck,,,

ColGauravGrowing's picture

love dis song " fan from india

Andy Goodchild's picture

When do we have the pleasure of seeing Charise in London ? xx

oudin's picture

i like this song ... :)

AndreMemah's picture

when did you perform in Indonesia, especially in Manado????

AndreMemah's picture

waw .... you are very beautiful high voice and make all your fans to chill

HianSouza's picture

Luv this song! (:

phoelize's picture

I'm no big fan before.... Now, I'm soooooooo addicted to your videos!!!
I'm hungry for more of your performances Charice because your sooooo GOOD!
God bless and more songs please! :)

Naoba's picture

I love your songs. God bless u in your future life!!

chamane44's picture

Beautiful voice, hold to your dreams and don't let them ever change your heart. Sing the music that deserves and challenges "YOUR" gift and talent. This is where you shine...

MeganBoard's picture

I recently started watching Glee on Netlfix. I am almost through season 2 and I was blown away by your talent. I was looking up Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me and found your performance with Celine at Madison Square garden and I knew I wanted to be a fan of yours. I was in tears watching that performance and the segment of My Heart Will Go On. I am jealous that you exude so much power and emotion in ever piece you sing. You are now an idol of mine!!! :D

Giulia's picture

Good luck for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, come in Italy as soon as you can, 'cause I can't wait to hear you singing!!!!

potchie1986's picture

I really like your voice charice....mwah

mralucard15's picture

I love your song charice