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  • David Foster & Charice   51 weeks 1 day ago

    It's providential that you two should meet. Together you can make many wonderful songs which the world needs today. Note to God is totally awesome!

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   51 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Cha! Don't get disheartened or annoyed of Ka Freddie Aguilar's remarks, this is a statement of an insecure, unprofessional and laos ng singer...If he's really a makabayan he should be proud of your achievements kasi Pinoy din siya to think na he calls himself makabayan, siguro nag uulyanin na pati bata pinapatulan niya, dapat masaya siya dahil tulad mong apo na lang sa kanya ay hinahangaan ng buong mundo like arnel pineda, dapat ka nga niyang ipagmalaki dahil you can sing both the local songs and the songs of your idols and even sing better than them..anyway there was a remark from mariah carey to regine velasquez years back about this "monkey" thing don't know how true ...this makes them both the real insecure unggoy..just show to this OLD man charice that real talent goes unnoticed worlwide, sorry na lang lolo mo at pang bars na lang siya...tsk tsk tumandang walang kinatandaan...pasensiyahan mo na lang siya dahil ikaw ang bata show him what HUMILITY is...God bles you always and your family and will be praying for you success in your next album in the US and to all your future concerst and guestings...way to go girl go get 'em and show the power of your voice..stay simple, humble and sweet as you are ...God bless..

  • AMERICAN IDOL!!   51 weeks 2 days ago

    And I will be looking forward to Simon's reaction. hahahhaah

  • Download Note To God From Amazon or iTunes   51 weeks 2 days ago

    hi charice... our school needs an invocation on september for our teachers day... so can you help me out? by sending me a copy of the piano sheet of Note To God... Cuz we really need it... thanks...=) and goodluck in your future!!! more power! take care...=)

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   51 weeks 3 days ago

    Please direct me to the right personnel on the subject of private engagement of Clarice for a dinner function in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am sure the Malaysian would enjoy her just as much

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   51 weeks 4 days ago

    for those fans interested of owning a copy of charice smx concert please let the management know so that they will make it a consideration or will think about it.

    i really love watching charice performance in the hitman but too bad it was only one song. hope my request for a smx concert dvd will be granted....

  • Download Note To God From Amazon or iTunes   51 weeks 6 days ago

    CHARICE launches first single “Note to God” on Oprah’s show

    Once again, "The Little Girl" mesmerized the audience with her magic as she presented her first US single “Note to God”, written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster, both legends and icons of the music industry. Charice's personal perception of the song and its meaning is projected right from the start with her posture and facial expression of solemnity, as in the start of a prayer. David Foster's musical arrangement lays out the background perfectly with a heartbeat like intro. As Charice begins to sing the first note, my attention is mended to her voice and her angelic face. As I struggle to free myself of this hypnosis like magnetism, I wonder how this very young and little girl is able to reach out and touch my very soul so effectively.

    The lyrics of the song itself are a heart wrencher which mirrors our soul's deepest cries and yearnings to The Almighty. Charice's powerful voice is the sharpest blade robed in compassion that cuts through the toughest defenses of man's heart and mind as it delivers the message passionately. Charice's magnificent control of the clear and distinct volleys of the high and low notes perfectly emphasizes the need and urgency of the purpose at hand. With deep and uncommon empathy, earned only by those familiar with life's loneliness and desperation, Charice echoes our heart's prayer with such conviction, it melts our innermost core. With a prolonged climactic ending note, her magical voice disrupts our breath, bringing out our tears and stands us up to offer an ovation she well deserves.

    The choir, orchestra, special effects people, camera crew and David Foster played their parts impeccably, making this a spectacular debut for Charice's first single. The cameras even caught glimpses of Oprah who cheered, wowed and desperately tried to hold back her own tears of joy to witness the success of the little girl's moment. This was so moving and picture perfect. As the frenzy of emotions slowly calmed I could feel the peace and assurance that things would be alright for this little girl. I realized that this magical power of Charice comes from above and there is no other power greater than that


  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   51 weeks 6 days ago

    Biggest fan mo ako dito sa states..Quiet but always checking you at you tube...Masaya pag meron kang mga bagong performances..nagagalit na nga ang mga loveones ko kasi paulit-ulit kong pinanonood ang mga videos mo..hehehe..Sige pa rin ako sa pag watch sa iyo..Proud na proud ako sa iyo dahil napakagaling mong bata ka..Ang lakas ng confidence mo at gifted ka talaga ...Sana lang ay mapanood kita at makita kita ng personal..Kahit autograph and picture lang okay na ako...basta masabi ko lang na ang galing mo at napapasaya mo kami lahat..Salamat sa iyo..Basta lang wag sanang lumaki ang ulo mo ha...andyan lang kami lagi sa tabi..susuporta sa iyo....Nagmamahal ang tahimik mong fan....dito sa chicago at michigan....

  • Charice is named one of the "People of the Year" n 2008!   52 weeks 19 hours ago

    Do you know that everything you do touches the heart of every Filipino all over the world. There is so much to be proud of being a Filipino and you just make it stronger and clearer.

    God Bless YOU!!!

  • Charice is working on her debut album!   52 weeks 19 hours ago

    I am very proud of you...your album will be a hit. Singing from your heart is your best asset.....we are listening.....

  • Charice Footage From The Oprah Winfrey Show   1 year 1 day ago

    Hi Charice. I 'm probably one of your oldest fans in US, repeatedly listening and watching your performances on YouTube over and over again: you are just an amazing kid and a great singer.

    I have listened to a lot of famous singers in my lifetime but none of them had impacted me so deeply with their singing as you did. Keep up the good work.

    What really and truly draws me to you is your HUMILITY first and foremost, and your ability to put so much of yourself into your singing. I wish you lots of success on you Journey, and may you always listen with your HEART when dealing with people. Always be eager to learn and grow to be a better person than you were yesterday. I will keep watching and following your Journey. God bless you.

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 1 day ago

    would trigger additional sales if there's a dvd for the smx concert, everybody wants to have one...

  • Charice & Mom   1 year 1 day ago

    Hi Charice and Raquel,

    Had dinner with Joey, Chargpads and wives here in San Diego. Let me know if you got this pic. I have others from the occasion. Joey told me to send the pics here but I'm not sure if i'm doing it right. I just registered in this site and not familiar with it yet.

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 1 day ago

    concert dvd would be nice for those of us who missed it. hope the management will consider releasing one just like david foster hitman.

    u tube uploads doesn't give justice to charice performance as they r of poor quality. a professional one will surely showcase her extraordinary will sure be a hit for us international fans..

    please please make one or i will have to wait until charice will have her concert here in df come to vancouver and bring charice with u....

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 2 days ago

    Organizers make tipid of the concert. charice doesn't deserved this. Di pang local ang talent nya...iba talaga pag overseas ang organizers..

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 3 days ago

    just want to extend my warm congratulations. keep it going Cha. You're WONDERFUL GIFT OF LOVE.
    LAB YA

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 3 days ago

    Hi Charice,

    I wasn't in your concert but I've seen the video of the song, "I can make it through the rain."

    Thank you, Cha for singing this in your concert. Sana kantahin mo rin ito sa CD mo.

    Stay as sweet and humble as you are!
    Thank you, thank you!!!!!! MWAHHHHHHH KISS KISS

    i love you, Cha!!!!!

    Janey S.

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 4 days ago

    Wow Charice, it was a full house concert! Your performance overshadowed the shortcomings of the organizers and producers of the concert. Thanks to your powerful and beautiful voice, you mesmerized the crowd though the sound system wasn't good. You're really the best! More concerts to come and I hope next time you'll be choosy with the people you're going to work with. It's better if everybody in the production team would goal for the best, not only you. Oh, but I worry that people would think that you became big-headed if you refuse to work with mediocre people who do not care if they'll have a so so show. Well, you are not fit for mediocrity. Again, again Charice, 2 thumbs up for you! Congratulations!!!

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 4 days ago

    I hope, Charice will contact Ms. Oprah W. to go with her on
    Michael Jackson's funeral day. or just attend the funeral !
    Please anyone, tell Charice to attend the memorial of Michael Jackson.

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 4 days ago

    pls...idol kantahin nyo sa saap ang mga tina arena songs...bagay tlaga sau..

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 4 days ago

    hi charisse im a big fan of u...sana mgkaroon kayo ng version ng mga kanta ni TINA ARENA songs kc bagay tlaga sa boses nyo.. sana kasama na ang mga kanta na i2 sa next album mo, lalo na ung mga kantang 'if i didn't love u at burn',.. i knw kayang kaya nuong kantahin yan ..o d kaya higit pa sa original version hehe, sana mgka22o..aabangan q talaga na kntahin nyo i2,,tnx

  • Charice's first concert in The Philippines is June 27th!   1 year 4 days ago

    It was soooo nice to see you in concert again. I saw you in Vegas twice and I flew to Manila to see you again. It was a great concert because I'm a huge fan but many disappoinments while I was there. First and foremost, my seat was stolen !!! We had platinum tickets and I thought we got ripped off because we had no seats !!! Everybody sat where they wanted to sit and I thought, oh man, this really sucks. But we finally got our seats, we were fourth row back. It was a terrible experience and that little fiasco caused the concert to start late.

    The orchestra was terrible, the dancers were awful, the sound was really really bad and the video was really crappy and poor Regine couldn't make it cuz she was in the hospital but Miss Ledesma was there to save the day.

    But since I'm a huge fan I had a blast. There's nothing like the real thing !!! Charice's voice just gets better as time goes on. Charice is definitely the type that will take you to this place where she goes when she sings. A place where emotions are stirred, in a really good way. A magnificent singer.

    She needs a new manager in the Philippines because the concert was so poorly.... aaaaaggggghhhhhhhh !!! It just urks me cuz she deserves much better. That whole concert production was a disaster !! Except for Charice, of course.

    Sorry, I just hadta let off my frustrations.

    Flying back home tomorrow. Maybe we'll be on the same flight to LAX !!! I'd be sooooo happpy !!!

  • Jessica86s   1 year 5 days ago

    ur cute:D

  • A message from Charice to her Dubai fans   1 year 5 days ago

    i would have loved to see u in iran.....or even to buy ur album....but i dont think that it will be available here....::D

  • Charice Footage From The Oprah Winfrey Show   1 year 5 days ago

    i saw the show on oprah....i really liked it.........i think that she has a great voice and she will have a great career......just wanted to say that u even have supporters in iran.:D